Top 50k on The DJ List

Jon Frank

Minneapolis, United States



Dance music has always been one of Jon Frank’s great passions. He has the need to translate this passion internationally through his productions that appear in every major dj’s playlist, radio, tv, movies and mostly on the dance floor.

He feels a deep connection to the dance floor and communicates this through his scorching dj sets that lead the floor into an immense journey through sounds, melody and rhythms that take the clubber to new highs.

Jon Frank makes music that will last. Something that is not disposable. It has a character that the listener wants to hear it over and over again. An increasing number of dance music is predictable and the melody is forgotten. Jon has a focus on the melody and the ones that stir the spirit to transcend and dance any worries away.

Jon’s ability to create timeless and melodic tracks was first discovered at the world acclaimed 2003 Winter Music Conference. His track “Karma” was hailed by many as one of the best tracks from an up and coming artist. The track was so sought after it was featured on the coveted 2003 Winter Music Conference Compilation disc.

This ability to capture sounds and melody on a universal level attracted the producers of MTV who signed 21 original tracks to 3 of their most successful shows on international television: RealWorld, Extreme Challenge and Road Rules for the 2005 season.

His career received another international boost after the release of his 6 track Bondage EP. The most reputable press reviews from DJ Magazine and Mix Mag in the UK gave it rave reviews. Next it was the Emancipation EP that had serious dj support and radio play. It was charted on many UK Buzz Lists and Playcharts. The next step was for Jon Frank to tackle Ibiza, which he did with the summer hit “Ibiza is Tripping Me”, which charted as high as number 3 and obtained radio play from world famous Radio One.

Later this year Jon set up his own label with the rather apt title of “Wanted Music”. It is the birth of the newest world trance label and will feature a channel for the world’s greatest trance producers.

Due to Jon Frank’s punishing studio schedule he finds it difficult to fulfill all the dj-ing around the world that is required of him. However, his main focus is the Far East where dance music is taking off. Japan and Australia are going crazy. South America- basically Mexico and downwards- it’s wilder, bigger, better dancers, better vibe for the potential growth of dance music. In the US and UK clubs are closing weekly and laws are constantly being passed to crush the freedom of dance music.

This Man is here to Trance you silly.