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Johnny Vicious

Whether he’s wreaking havoc in the DJ booth or in the studio, Johnny Vicious has made an indelible mark on the world’s dance floors and is regarded as a turntable phenomenon as well as an invincible producer and remixer. He is without question lauded internationally as one of dance music’s brightest stars. The particular style that he has perfected over the years has propelled him into a class of his own. Prior to achieving worldwide notoriety Johnny’s roots date back to New Jersey where he was born and raised. As a child he initially favored Rock music but began toying with a pair of turntables and became instantly enamored with dance music’s sinuous energy. The underground sounds coming from Chicago based labels such as DJ International and Traxx continued to fuel his burning passion for the music. “It’s Funny” Johnny laughs while recollecting his progression “one minute I was into Motley Crue and the next I was listening to Tony Humphries’ mix show on Kiss-FM. I started DJ’ing in my friend’s basement, and I didn’t know what I was doing. It sounded like trains crashing” Johnny’s mixing skills quickly improved and in 1989 earned a slot spinning at Manhattan’s famed Palladium nightclub; his first Big Apple show DJing with the Legend Larry Levan live on Hot 97. From then on he never looked back. Appearances at the most legendary clubs in N.Y.C. like Red Zone, Palladium, and Sound Factory followed and Johnny parlayed these gigs into a residency at the world renowned Roxy declaring that Johnny Vicious had finally arrived front and center. Soon after, Johnny collaborated with Sound Factory Bar’s Jeffery Rodman and created Vicious Muzik. They both paved the way for Johnny’s seminal Liquid Bass EP, showcasing his m諡nge of beats and samples that established him as one of the most promising rising artists in dance music and put him on the map worldwide. Technical influences from some of the greatest in the industry gave him hands on experience to the point where he could walk into any studio in the world and work magic. Johnny says “I was great because I was able to walk into a studio and sit in front of a keyboard, mixer or any outboard gear with tons of knobs, wires, switches and faders and figure out how it works without even asking”. Thanks to Jack Carey Johnny was hired to promote records at Salsould and there he met the Disco giants Joe Carey and Ken Carey. He also met the man that kept Salsoul chugging along Glan Larusso the Label manager who taught Johnny much about how the business workd. Then it all started to escalate from promotion to production. Johnny bought a sampler and got unlimited access to the Salsoul vault. In the Salsoul vault Johnny met a legend of dance music who became the most important person that still affects how he mixes to this day.. Tom Moulton. Tom Moulton is one of the greatest mixers of all time, he showed Johnny how to mix on protools and also how to master records along with Rick Essig and Greg Vaughn at Frankford Wayne. Another major step was when he worked with Satoshi Tommie, Satoshi showed Johnny how to program in Opcode Visions on a Mac, which helped him program on Protools and from this he taught himself how to use Logic. He also worked with great studio engineers such as David Sussman, Dave Darlington and Steve Barkan. These people turned out to be great influences in quality of Johnny’s sound in the years to come.

Phone calls and Faxes are rolling in for him to play at the worlds best clubs from Europe to Japan and Down under in Sydney vicious was unstoppable.

Johnny Vicious has been one to simply let his music do the talking, but if he were adamant about one thing it would be his forward-looking vision of dance music, which rails against stagnation and thrives on pushing the envelope. His relentless production touch has been felt by pop notables such as Madonna, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Natasha Bedingfield, Shakira, Britany Spears, Michael Jackson, Akon, 36 Mafia, Justin Timberlake, Kat Deluna, The Veronica’s, The Ting Tings, Ashlee Tisdale,Veronica,Byron Stingley, Lula, Brain Bug, IIo, React, Duncan Sheik, Chicane, Amber, Filter, Simply Red, Aretha Franklin, Deborah Cox, Jimmy Sommerville and Kristine W. as well as underground legends such as Candido, First Choice, Loleatta Holloway, Karen Finley and Shades of Love. His unique combination of house, trance, and eclectic vocals provided a recipe for success producing chart-topping hits such as “Ecstasy” Featuring Lula, and “Moments” Featuring Myndy K.This contributed to him securing his own mix show on New York City’s biggest radio dance station W.K.T.U. where he was heard breaking his newest remix and productions on Saturday Nights.That soon Led him to residency’s at Sound Factory,Tunnel,Exit from which he started one of the most successful parties in NYC on friday nights… “Sexy At The Roxy” with local star promoters A-luv and Bobby Goodrich.

Johnny was also a big part of the Ultra Records family where he mixed four of Ultra’s top selling CD’s Ultra Dance 01, 03, Ultra Trance 03, Ministry of sounds “Club Nation”, and “Clubbers Guide”.

selling over a million CD’s Aside from the Ultra releases the first installment of the “Deeper And Harder" compilations was also released on Dee Vee.Recently Johnny has released CD’s on Thrive records which consisted of mainly a lot of commercial tracks and classics along with an Electro Cd .

He is now working on his label. “Warehouse” which will consist of new artists,underground tracks, and a line of CD compilations. Johnny confirms, "The Compilations will consist of current club hits and underground tracks.The way dance CD’’s are supposed to be, more like what I love to play in a club or I have remixed. “While I’m doing major-label mixes, I still want to keep myself in the underground.” affirms Johnny. “As a DJ, I always want to hear new records, and as a producer, I always want to make new sounds. I don’t want to get away from this music. Dance music will always be around, and I’ll always be a part of it.”