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Johnny Trika

Montreal, Canada


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Johnny Trika, 23, was born and raised in Montréal, Canada. After being struck with an epiphany back in 2010, Johnny Trika decided to dedicate his free time solely to making music. Searching for nirvana in the machines in the basement, he spent two years tinkering his sonic palette, searching for his own sounds before gaining enough confidence to share his music with Ali “Dubfire Shirazinia.

During Dubfire’s Norh American tour in the fall of 2013 the two connected, initially agreeing to include the track ‘Rum Shake’ on a VA compilation. This later blossomed into a 3 track EP, ‘Main Squeeze’, released in October 2014. Johnny Trika has released two EPs on Dubfire’s Sci+Tec Digital Audio label, with plans to remain exclusive to the label in the future. Apart from ‘Main Squeeze’, Johnny Trika has also released the EP ‘Punk Fools’ in June 2015 – the title track generated quite the buzz before its release, leading to an original music video premiered in an article by Vice’s THUMP.

Johnny Trika has performed across Canada and in Europe, displaying true showmanship with his elaborate live sets, stacked only with original material – both released hits and unreleased gems. Johnny Trika constantly strives to keep his performances as new, stimulating, and strange as possible. His mission is to push the minimal and techno style to more developed and contemporary plains, while intertwining his own artistic flavour into the music, making music a true expression of himself.

Johnny Trika’s empathic and immersive nature bleeds into his live performances, often choosing to experiment with track arrangements to produce sets that cannot be duplicated again, all the while delivering the well-established ‘Johnny Trika’ sound to the dance floor. A new name on the scene, this one is here to stay.