Top 25k on The DJ List

Johnny Mark

Provincetown, United States

Open Format, Trance


DJ Johnny Mark also known as Johnny Sound started hitting the drums at the age of 5 as the years came more instruments came to such as guitar & bass and turntables and more along the way. DJ Johnny Mark started with disco & dance club mixing. Johnny entered the DJ world as a freshman in high school and became the school DJ. Drums still a big part of Johnny he gets deep into the Studio Recording and Mixing as well as doing Live Sound for Bands, doing Booze Cruse parties, and large events.

In 1993 DJ Johnny Mark now also known as Johnny Sound becomes a Certified Rec Eng at Bristol Studios in Boston. Johnny mixes & masters & sound knows the technical side of sound equipment inside and out. DJ Johnny Mark becomes a member of the New England Record Pool of DJ’s. The NE record pool provides some new contacts and music form many independent labels. Johnny’s mixing and producing music for track artist & Dancers. Johnny Mark now becomes a member of the Boston Record Pool which provide to a larger group of Club DJs who rate and play in the music before it hits the clubs. Johnny’s mixing more main stream club, freestyle. some great underground & his favorite Breaks. Many Remixes & Import records made became an impact in the clubs, and for most weddings & Event functions it was more of a mainstream music program depending upon each event. DJ Johnny became tight with several other DJs doing events and parties Shortly after DJ Markus Schulz had left the Boston Record pool DJ Johnny Mark and Markus met up in the studio in Scottsdale Arizona where Powerhouse and other remixed records were produced.

The Works was a Large after hours club in Scottsdale Arizona Johnny visited & mixed. Johnny Says that Its not surprising that Markus is now one of the top rated DJ’s in the world and now getting to see the world and the world can see him. Johnny gets to travel and visit some countries in Europe as he DJ’s. Meeting people, DJ Gigs, setting up & tuning sound systems in clubs. DJ Johnny Mark has dedicated his life to the music industry and will continue the ride of music wave. DJ Johnny Marks new creations are always interesting and now some visuals will be mixed into the Show and DVD. Truly an Master at mixing and bringing the energy to the Clubs with new visuals. DJ Johnny Mark is a must see. Also always doing your private Events and weddings.