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Johnny D

Mannheim, Germany

Tech House, Techno

AKA: Johannes Debese

43218088, 8BIT, Amused Records
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It began sophomore year in High School, when he started to play around with music. When the opportunity came to play music for a party he jumped at it. That was his first “performance” as a DJ. As time went on and more parties past, he looked into DJ equipment. With what little money he had he got two CD players and a mixer from a local music chain. More parties later, a local entertainment company owner singed Johnny as an event DJ. With this company Johnny was doing parties, corporate events, weddings and such. These were okay but not as much fun as those parties in his friends houses with kids dancing all night long.

A big opportunity came; he became a light guy and intern at one of the best night clubs in Atlanta’s clubs district Buckhead. During his time at this club he was around some of the south’s best DJ talent. All the while watching and learning, practicing at home and when he could at the club. One night he was practicing at the club, the General Manger came up to him and said the DJ just called he will not be here for at least an hour can you DJ until then, thus starting DJ Johnny D’s career. From that night on Johnny D was the opening DJ at one of Buckhead hottest night spots until he had to move.

He had an opportunity to move to Athens, GA the city of the University of Georgia. This put Johnny in a city of over 30 thousand college students wanting to party. After a few parties to learn what the students liked, he approached a club to host a party. The party was and absolute success, shortly after the party the club approached Johnnny for a residency job, and is still at Athens hottest dance club as House DJ and Marketing Manager.

In 2004 he started a career in Radio. Giving him even more of an edge on all that’s HOT – What could be next…? Experience Him Move The Crowd On the Air and in the Clubs near You!