Johnny Blais Beatport


Born in 1979, Originally from the Boston area.

Relocated to Miami in 2008.

Johnny Blais has been professionally preforming since high school.

He was first drawn to music as a child growing up with a series of bands and musical influences in his family.

His stepfather was a producer of early electronic music before the big Boom in the 80’s.

When he was only two he once fell asleep in front of a full cabinet of speakers on full tilt.

None the less he is not deaf but we think it might have burned into his brain.

In high school,John’s own group tied for first in the battle of the bands by playing cover songs of grunge favorites.

He attended hardcore shows on a weekly basis and pushed for a rise in music by playing local bars and small gigs.

In 1995 he attended Electric Blue, an electronic event that opened his eyes to a new world of sound.

The electronic movement was taking storm across the world and he jumped in feet first, dancing!

While the years passed he picked up on mixing skills from a couple of skratch heads that lived next door.

He was inspired by them and showed much respect for the art.

In 2003 AfterFX Productions, opened it’s doors throwing events and playing throughout central Mass.

Due to a tragic death it was closed in 2009.

Over the years, Johnny has opened for many, headlined a few, also has become very versatile with his style of music.

Meeting a few people in Miami and getting into a circle of producers and DJ’s Johnny has started his own quest of production.

Currently DJing and working on releases for the future years to come and the here and now.