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Manchester, United Kingdom

Hard Dance, Trance

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Starting his DJ career in March 1999 DJ John G was hooked on the Trance sound that was massive at the time and these became his roots in music, massive synths and uplifting vocals was what it was all about and funnily enough it still is.

With over a decade as a professional DJ, John G has established himself as the most versatile DJ known in the dance scene today and is classed as the best DJ by many. His knowledge of music goes from Old Skool & Italian House right through to Trance & Hard Dance and everything in-between, which has made him the number 1 choice to thousands of clubbers right across the U.K. and Spain. John’s promotional mixes vary in styles and have had well in excess of a million downloads worldwide over the last 4 years which is some achievement considering the amount of free music that is out there for download. They are all in mp3 format so they can all be loaded on iPhone’s, iPod’s, iPad’s & any portable mp3 device and of course burned straight to CD.

John is known for throwing dance floors in different directions at the drop of a hat, his crowd reading ability is second to none which is why he believes that one style just isn’t enough to please everyone in any room at any given time. This is his unique style and it is this and his immense mixing skills of perfect beat matching and bass dropping that keeps clubbers gagging for more. John is known as the best bounce DJ by many clubbers, DJ’s and producers alike for the simple reason he delivers exactly what you want to hear just when you want to hear it.

The DJ side is only part of the story John is also a dance music producer and remixer and is always being invited into the studio by the best producers for collaborations. John has produced 15 tracks to date all of which you can hear on his soundcloud and youtube.


DJ Karma & Niki X – Slip & Slide – Ultimate High vs. John G Remix – Back Up Music

DJ Karma & Niki X Feat Andrew M – Nobody Else – Ultimate High vs. John G Remix – 90s Style Music

DJ John G – The Reign – Eezy Records

DJ John G – It’s Only Love – Eezy Records

DJ John G – Umbrella – Eezy Records

DJ John G – Good Time Tonight – Eezy Records

A.J. Company – The Last Goodbye – Eezy Records

A.J. Company – Funky Hooker – Eezy Records

A.J. Company – The Last Goodbye – DJ John G Remix – Eezy Records (mp3 only)

Yanou Feat Do – On & On – DynateK Remix – Unofficial Release (mp3 only)

Eric Prydz – Pjanoo – DynateK Remix – Unofficial Release (mp3 only)

J.K – You & I – DJ John G Remix – Unofficial Release (mp3 only)

Artemesia – Bits & Pieces – Narcotic Remix – Unofficial Release (mp3 only)

Narcotic – World Of Dreams – KlubKutz (mp3 only)

Narcotic – Untitled (mp3 only)

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Free DJ Mixes

John G has compiled and mixed many CD’s throughout his 11 year DJ career and many of which are here. For the first few years they was mainly all for demos to land DJ Bookings which obviously worked, since then John has carried on producing CD’s for free downloads and giveaways. Genres vary from Old Skool straight through to Hardcore and pretty much everything in between.

Quite a lot of these mixes are multi genre so there’s a bit of everything for everyone. This page will be updated regular with new and old free mix downloads so make sure you keep checking back.

If you would like to know the names or how to get any tracks on these free downloads please feel free to send an email to [email protected] and I’ll do my best to find the names and availability for you from

These free mix downloads are all just under 80 minutes in length so they will fit on CD’s and all are free so please fill your boots with as many as you can grab. Most are tracked and ready for burning to CD although there are a few that are one track that I never got round to tracking at the time.

At the moment I am working on a few new mixes including an Italian Mix, Classic Trance Mix, Old Skool Mix along with a new series of NRG Bounce Mixes in the pipeline too. Also the New Sanctuary Studio Sessions Volumes are set to carry on due to the success of the first ones being downloaded at an alarming rate, if you like your MC’s then these are for you as they only feature the best MC’s in the NRG Bounce scene.

Check my official website for free downloads