John Paul Beatport


Music has always been a huge part of John Paul’s life and that is probably the factor behind his many accomplishments and achievements within the scene in quite a short amount of time. These days you can catch him in his residency at The Church Nightclub where he throws down his trademark and tidy blend of trance, hard trance and hard dance alongside industry professionals; Kenny L and Riki. He also appears at various other venues and big events around town when he is called upon and his range is such that he can play a nice funky house set right through to a stomping dance floor orientated set of hard dance.

From as young as 14, John Paul began to get involved with various aspects of the industry, including rigging lighting systems in nightclubs to setting up full scale raves. His parents built and managed Ice World in Mirrabooka and John Paul found himself drawn towards the music aspect of this affair, constantly in the DJ console selecting records with the Ice World DJs. From this point on, John Paul had found his passion and was inevitably hooked; and thus began his journey to where he is today.

In December 2001, John Paul got his first break into the scene when he scored the gig of playing New Years Eve at Club A in Scarborough. After rocking the club with his first ever set playing out, he was offered a residency which resulted in him playing there for the next two years. During this time, John Paul learnt the important aspects of DJing that only come with playing to a regular crowd including perhaps the most important one; reading a crowd and working with that to deliver a set they will go crazy about. Upon first starting at Club A, the music policy was full of extremely commercial dance music, however during his time at the club, John Paul slowly delved into his favorite sounds of house and trance through to hard trance. By the end of his residency there, he had successfully shifted the music policy to the more quality and rocking sounds of dance music and the punters were loving it even more than the former commercial sound.

It was April 2003 when John Paul received his next major break in the scene. He was asked to join the Rise team and become a resident DJ at the club, working alongside accomplished DJ Simon Barwood every Friday and Saturday night. In this time, John Paul featured alongside an extensive list of interstate and international DJs including: Scot Project, Dave Forbes & Mallorca Lee, DJ Wag aka Yakooza, Y.O.M.C., NU NRG, Jan de Vos (4 Strings), Tracid Trax World Tour (Kai Tracid, Hennes & Cold, ASYS, Derb), Steve Hill, Paul Holden, Nervous, Johnny L, Jumping Jack, Bexta, Flipside, Kan Cold, Johan Gielen, Matt Darey, KCB, Darude, Archie and Nick Skitz as well as being part of the Tracid Trax world tour just to name part of the huge list.

As one door closes, another one opens and this saying rang more than true when in February 2005, Rise decided to disregard everything they had worked so hard to stand for and introduce a completely new music policy (RnB Central) on Saturday nights. John Paul decided this was no longer a club he wanted his name associated with and at the same time, he was asked by The Church nightclub to join the DJ team. On Friday and Saturday nights he is now a resident DJ there and is free to play the styles he loves to the masses of crowds that converge there every weekend.

John Paul has also recently had the honor of being named an ARIA listed DJ. This role requires him (along with the other top DJs in Perth and other states) to submit a list of what he deems to be the most rocking of tracks to ARIA; so that it can be compiled with other results to form what we know as the ARIA Club Charts. Along with this, John Paul is kept busy working at Perth’s leading DJ store; The DJ Factory as well as running his own business Dreamsounds.

Dreamsounds also has an online presence and part of this is a rapidly growing community of like minded individuals who post regularly on the DS forums. There is also an extensive photo gallery which is maintained and is continually growing due to the work of contributing members. With plans of expansion to include reviews, features and even DJ charts, John Paul is leading the way of Perth’s newest dance music site.

With all of this accomplished in just a few years, the sky is the limit for this hard working Perth DJ who proves that hard work and persistence will most definitely bring about success and impressive accomplishments.

You can catch John Paul at The Church every Friday and Saturday night and he is also playing at the upcoming massive Ministry of Sound Hard NRG Tour on March 27th.