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John Martin, the son of a stuntman was born and raised in the Southern suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden. He got his first guitar at the age 13 and formed his first band. They played Nirvana cover songs and at the shows John usually wore a dress.

At home John sang Alice in Chains songs and his vision of life as a star grew stronger. Gradually, the covers were replaced by his own songs and the creative drive to write took over.

John worked for his family buisiness and played with his band during the weekends, performing at every bar and club that offered free dinner and drinks. However, a conflict of creative interest was leaving John with a feeling of being held back. The band was signed and after working on an album for several years the project was stopped by the record company.

In Spring 1999, John Martin performed with his rockband at a party in central Stockholm and Michel Zitron, an aspiring young songwriter and producer, attended the show. Afterwards they were introduced by a mutual friend. It was ten years before John and Michel’s paths s crossed again.

A summernight in 2009, Michel Zitron who by now was an established songwriter/producer, was DJaying at a club in Stockholm. A drunk John Martin was in the crowd, having left his friends at the rockclub on a quest for housemusic. After closing time John and Michel ended up at the same underground club and were re-introduced by a former eurodisco artist. The duo discovered their common passion for melancholy, big melodies and clubmusic. They had a long conversation about the lack of sadness, meassages and stories in contemporary dance music. It was decided that they should work together.

Their first songs emerged rapidly and were like prophecies from their own lifes. They realized that they were both at the same crossroads in life and musical soulmates.

Michel felt that John’s voice was bigger than the group he was currently playing with and after a number of long nights including a lot of wine, philosophy and debating about the meaning of life, they decided to make an album.

They both broke up with their girlfriends and locked themselves in the studio.