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New York born John Debo arrived on the DJ scene in early 1986. Developing his mixing skills with the futuristic sounds of Depeche Mode, New Order, and Erasure, Debo got his start by playing eight-hour sets at The Haven, located in the suburbs of New York.

Two years later, while clubbing in New York, Debo was introduced to acid house. This new throbbing sound had Debo frequenting clubs like Mars and Red Zone on his weekends off. Realizing the New York suburban crowd’ lack of interest in this new sound, Debo left New York in 1990 in search of an East Coast metropolis filled with young people and a European flair. He found such a place in Boston where Debo landed a Thursday night gig on the flourishing Landsdowne Street strip at Venus De Milo. Venus, along with Caffeine in Long Island and Fevor in Baltimore, rapidly developed a reputation as one of the Northeast’ Premier venues for underground music. Debo would hold a Thursday night residency at Venus for the next three years.

In early 1992, Debo found his musical soul mate when he met Caffeine co-founder and resident DJ Micro in a Manhattan record shop. Almost immediately Debo began a monthly residency at Caffeine while Micro began a monthly residency at Venus. However, a weeklong journey to the UK gave Debo a new outlook for his career. Not only did he return from England with a record deal from Stress Records for his Mindwarp project, but he also had a clearer vision for his Thursday night residency at Venus. Unable to sell his vision to the Venus management, Debo and crew left Venus and moved next door to Axis. Soon after, Debo was holding a Thursday night residency at Axis and playing alongside the likes of Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, Josh Wink, and DJ Icey.

In 1994, Debo launched the single Un-Yeah as the second release for Caffeine’ new record label. Simultaneously, Debo started his own Mindwarp imprint releasing Raise Your Hands under the name Boston Bruins, which would later become a US rave classic. During the next five years, Debo would embark on a steady stream of DJ gigs throughout the US, Canada, and Central America, plus several UK tours.

Debo has continued to produce and remix records for Caffeine under the name Boston Bruins and MAD, a collaboration with DJ Micro. In 1999, Caffeine released an off shoot progressive record label called Stimuli, in which Debo was named head of A&R. Debo also released the first single on Stimuli called Searching For Love’ under the name The Now. His busy schedule however, has not interfered with Debo’ now nine-year old Thursday night residency at Axis. Debo’ accomplishments have not only broadened his vision but have catapulted his reputation as one of America’ future shining stars.