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John Davis

Boston, United States

House, Tech House

SAM Records
John Davis Beatport


It all started during a driving lesson in Limerick, Ireland. Sitting in the voyeuristic back seat of the car a young kid watched as his sisters boyfriend fumbled with a cassette tape and slipped it into the tape deck… The Familiar hiss of the analogue tape flowed through the air and was followed, seemingly much later, by the bubbling artificial bass line that grew louder and more complex only to emerge from the speakers of that car as Jean Michelle Jarre’s masterpiece “Oxygene”. That was it. The kid sat up the music dwelled in his brain… John Davis had his first taste of Electronic music.

Fast forward to 1988, and the now legendary (In Limerick) Mc Knights night club. What was known to be a hotspot with the “In Crowd” on their way to the numerous places where you were trying “to be seen”… Dwelled a group of people who knew that there was more to music than what was on the radio and played in the popular clubs… After the “scenesters” would leave on a Friday & Saturday night this group would converge in the Basement and groove to the latest indie records that were coming out of the UK, Manchester in particular provided the bulk of the tunes and Ecstasy started to make the rounds. A certain teenager discovered that the music that lay dormant in his brain was starting to wake and emerge… He was hearing electronic music again and he loved it.

Building up a record collection wherever he could, it was not unusual for promoters and organizers to approach John to play his records at the various illegal warehouse parties and events that were going on at the time. The music was new, the drug scene was rampant, and it was impossible to garner the support of club owners to throw proper nights and dish out residencies.

In 1994 John packed up and headed on a supposed world trip to get an idea on what he wanted in life. He landed first in Boston and immediately saw the need for a good solid House night outside of the major clubs. There was a rave scene in Boston that needed something better than what they had, a home of sorts was needed where they could go on a regular basis and enjoy the music they loved in relative safety. “Sign Of The Times” was born. SOTT was a major catalyst in the growth of Dance music in the Boston area and paved the way for other very successful nights.

Onward to today…

After the demise of “Sign of the Times” John tried other residencies in and around Boston but none seemed to garner the respect and reputation of SOTT. Until 2001 when John alongside famed Boston DJ, Tym Ryan were handed the Saturday night residency at Hibernia, a much known and respected venue, known for its support of electronic music and culture. Saturday’s @ Hibernia grew to become one of the best nights in the City rivaling mega clubs such as Avalon, til then, the bastion of dance music in Boston.

Hibernia closed its doors at the end of 2002 and John and Tym were immediately offered countless venues all with the desire to capitalize on the “Saturdays” success.

John and Tym decided not to pursue it any further and worked towards building “Orange” a Tuesday night that has gathered global attention featuring DJs such as Mr C, Eddie Richards, Marshall Jefferson, Superchumbo and many more.

Orange has quickly established itself as not only one of the best nights out in Boston but also one of the Première Tech House Nights in the US if not the world and with John Davis behind the decks it’s cheaper than a flight to South London.

John is currently also working on some original productions and hopes to have several releases on the shelves of record stores by spring 2004.

All this from sitting in the back seat of a car listening to the radio and there will definitely be more to come…