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John Dalagelis

Athens, Greece

Tech House, Techno

Dieb Audio, Omnis recordings
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John Dalagelis (Dieb Audio)

Studio whiz, DJ extraordinaire and owner of record label “DIEB AUDIO”, John Dalagelis, has long been at his electronic musical passion, for more years than most DJs who are 10 years his senior. At the age of 30, awarded with a diploma of sound engineering and a Bachelor Honors of recording arts, John’s influences go way beyond the scope of any of his contemporaries. Born in USA and raised in Greece, John has meticulously honed his craft and is ready for his close-up.

John began collecting vinyl records of electronic music and started DJing at small underground parties in 1993 at the age of 12, inspired by the big names of the time. In 1994 he started hosting his own radio show which would eventually stream to far out areas of Greece on major FM stations. His eclectic & dynamic sound would bring him toward the art of producing his own music in years to come.

In 1998 John decided to take the challenge further & entered the DMC DJ Championship in Greece at the ripe age of 17. After winning the state championship he took place in the finals. Against the odds he scratched and cut up 4th place, winning the accolades of the Greek music press, naming him the star of the night & best young dj. The industry took notice of this new wonderkid who would start touring Europe and continue building his sound in his home country. Eventually, this would culminate in the gig of his life by being invited to play the opening slot on Orbitals first ever tour to Greece in 2000, playing in front of an audience of 3 thousand people.

In 2002 his brother “Nick” joined forces with John and the duo started producing music together after deciding to uproot and move to New York City. Quickly the Dalagelis brothers self released their first EP “Fat Oscar / God Is Great”, which gained praise from their intended targets. From this release, they became sought after by their favorite labels, which were after them for their remix touch. They did several remixes for labels owned by Satoshi Tomiie (Saw Recordings), Dave Seaman (Audio Therapy) & Chris Fortier (Fade Records) among others. While having these great remixing successes, John started working with Chris Fortier and for his label (Fade records). Besides assisting on running Fade records, John got busy with Chris in the studio and produced, engineered, mixed, edited and recorded several kinds of projects. One of these was Chris Fortier’s Balance 007 compilation o EQ Recordings.

In 2004 “Bend Up” was released on Mo-do Recordings which gained never-ending DJ support and successful chart rankings on several of the sales chart indicators in USA & UK. Also the extended vocal remix on Micah’s “Come From” was exclusively featured on Hernan Cattaneo’s Renaissance Masters 2 album. In 2005 their original production “Quiet (Steve is listening)” was one of the main features on Audio Therapy’s album “Across Borders,” and their alternative mix of it, entitled “Quiet (Stelios is watching),” was exclusively featured on Dave Seaman’s compilation “This is Audio Therapy.”

In 2006 “R2 Units Gone Wild” was released on Therapy Music (original mix was included on Audio Therapy’s Spring/Summer Collection CD) as well as “Utapau,” on Swift Records (original mix included on Gpal’s album Gpal 2). Also in their agenda was remixing Stel’s and Phatjak’s "I Like Porno,” released on Baroque records. John was also responsible for a huge bulk of the production and engineering work on Stel’s “This is Audiotherapy” CD mix which was an accompaniment to Dave Seaman’s already classic installment.

In 2007 “Feature music” was released on Presslab rec which rose up to Number 1 for 2 weeks and stayed on the top 50 chart of the Balance Promote Pool in North America for over 8 weeks. In the beginning of 2008 “Fabrique” was released by Omnis rec. After that John & Stel launched “Dieb Audio”, where in the beginning of 2009 “Rectum” was released. During the same year, John’s much anticipated “Asio” track was also released on Dieb Audio and gained massive support from Sasha, Carl Cox, Josh Wink, Laurent Garnier, Gabriel Ananda among others. The remix on “Asio” by legendary Ananda Project, was eventually included on Carl Cox’s Global Underground compilation (Black Rock Desert) in the beginning of 2010. During the summer of 2009 John also recorded, edited and produced Dave Seaman’s “Renaissance Master Series” compilation (released on September of 2009). In 2010, John did several remixes for Sasse’s record label “Mood Music” and Chris Fortier’s “Fade Records” to name a few and in 2011 his studio production agenda also included the mixing, engineering & mastering of Stelios Vassiloudis “It Is What It Is” artist album on Bedrock Records.

John is now working on several original releases and remixes for his own Dieb Audio among other labels as well, while hitting the international circuit with gigs around the globe.



Stelios Vassiloudis & John Dalagelis – Sunrise On The Avenue [Bedrock Records] 2011

John Dalagelis – Asio (with Ananda Project, Nacho Marco, Harada remixes) [Dieb Audio] 2009

John Dalagelis & Stel – Rectum (with Chris Fortier, Jamie Stevens, Hatzler remixes) [Dieb Audio] 2009

Nick & John Dalagelis – Fabrique (with uGeNiCs remix) [Omnis] 2008

Nick & John Dalagelis – Feature Music (with Alex Kenji, Alex Grani remixes) [Presslab] 2007

Nick & John Dalagelis – Utapau [Swift / Klik] 2006

Nick & John Dalagelis – R2 Units Gone Wild (with G-Pal remixes) [Audio Therapy] 2006

Dimitri Frost & BP Zulauf Vs Nick & John Dalagelis – Obsolete [Hiddenform] 2005

Nick & John Dalagelis – Quiet (Steve is Listening / Stelios is Watching) [Audio Therapy] 2005

Nick & John Dalagelis – Bend Up (with Stel, Descent, Steve Firaridis remixes) [Mo-Do] 2004

Nick & John Dalagelis – Fat Oscar / God Is Great [Downshift] 2003


Zabriski vs Roland Klinkenberg – Now What (John Dalagelis Remix) [Dieb Audio] 2011

Echonomist – Room With A View (John Dalagelis Remix) [Dieb Audio] 2011

Solee – Oasis (John Dalagelis One Of These Days Remix) [Dieb Audio] 2011

Rey Aguilar – Soul 2 Soul (John Dalagelis Remix) [Fade Records] 2010

AlterImage – Time Change (John Dalagelis Remix) [AlterImage Recordings] 2010

Franksen & Tom Wax – Gotta Feel It (John Dalagelis Remix) [Dieb Audio] 2010

Stel – Last Night On Earth (John Dalagelis Remixes) [Mood Music] 2010

Erich Bogatzky – Murex (John Dalagelis Remix) [Dieb Audio] 2009

Royal Sapien – San Fransisco Love (Nick & John Dalagelis Remix) [Olaris] 2007

Tannen – Porno (Nick & John Dalagelis Remix) [Baroque Limited] 2007

Chris Micali – I Don’t Know (Nick & John Dalagelis Remix) [Swift / Klik] 2004

Blue Haze – In To Nothing (Stel Vs Nick & John Dalagelis Remix) [Saw] 2004

Micah feat. J.Veda – Come From (Nick & John Dalagelis Remix) [Fade] 2004

Stel and Goodnewz – Particle (Nick & John Dalagelis Remix) [Audio Therapy] 2004

Stel and Goodnewz – Fineline (Nick & John Dalagelis Remix) [Baroque] 2004


DJ Yellow – Paris Session [Plastic City] 2010

Carl Cox – Black Rock Desert [Global Underground] 2010

Progressive Sugar by Don Vitalo [Bloodsugar Records] 2009

Anthony Pappa – Moments Vol 1 [High Note] 2008

Dave Seaman, Therapy Sessions 4 [Audio Therapy] 2007

Fade Records Audio Tour Vol.2 (by Royal Sapien and 40 OZ) [Fade Records] 2007

G Pal > Best [Swift / Klik Records] 2007

Audio Therapy (Autumn / Winter Sampler 2006) [Audio Therapy] 2006

G Pal / 2 [Swift / Klik Records] 2006

Audio Therapy (Spring / Summer Sampler 2006) [Audio Therapy] 2006

Dave Seaman (This is Audio Therapy) [Audio Therapy] 2005

Across Borders (Greece) [Audio Therapy] 2005

Local Underground 2 [Planetworks] 2005

Hernan Cattaneo, Renaissance Masters Vol. 2 [Renaissance] 2005

G Pal /1 [Swift / Klik Records] 2004

La Rocca (Marko on Sundays 2004) [541 Recordings] 2004


Stelios Vassiloudis “It Is What It Is” [Bedrock Records] (engineering, mixing, mastering)

Dieb Audio Catalogue (mastering)

Dave Seaman “The Master Series 14” [Renaissance Records] (producing, programming, mixing, editing)

Stel “This is Audio Therapy” [Audio Therapy] (producing, programming, mixing, editing)

Chris Fortier “Balance 007” [EQ Recordings] (producing, programming, mixing, editing)

40 OZ – Downlow’d EP [Fade records] (producing, mastering)

Chris Fortier – I Believe [Fade records] (producing, mastering)

The Killers – All these things that I have done (Chris Fortier mix) [Island/DefJam] (producing, mastering)

Add 2 Basket – Come back to Love (Chris Fortier mix) [Add 2 Basket] (producing, mastering)

Freaky Chakra – West (Chris Fortier mix) [Electric Music People] (producing, mastering)

Tonepushers – Daydreamer (Chris Fortier mix) [Fade records] (producing, mastering)