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Johannes Retschke

Vekton Musik
Johannes Retschke Beatport


A true alumn of the defining event of his generation, Johannes Retschke’s musical leanings came into full bloom as the wall of Berlin came crumbling down. Born into an artistic family in the former GDR, his passion for electronic music suddenly found itself nurtured by a plethora of new locations, connections and records – radically different circum​stances to what his ilk was used to, conseq​uently overwh​elming many an aspiring artist.

Johannes, on the other hand, was thrilled to soak in these new influences, becoming an avid listener to electronic music broadcasts from post-wall Berlin’s famously independent radio stations like Radio Fritz – which quite naturally led to his own involvement with wonky turntables and enthused crowds. After quickly becoming top-tier talent for Berlin’s underground bookers, our hero moved to Cologne to further his unders​tanding of advanced floor sonics.

Again, he had no trouble forging his path in yet another unfamiliar environment and found a new home as resident DJ for Cologne’s much-a​cclaim​ed Pulstar party series, performing alongside famed guest acts on a regular basis. This certainly triggered enough confidence to also try his hand at producing, resulting in strong releases on imprints such as Vekton Musik. Nowadays, you can find Johannes regularly spinning tunes for clubs like Cologne’s infamous Gewölbe, Odonien or Heinz Gaul, still looking for that perfect beat to push that funky envelope.