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Johannes Ahlberg

Stockholm, Sweden


Johannes Ahlberg Beatport


Music has been a natural part in Johanness life since birth, both of his parents played instruments and he himself played the Cello, piano, flute and cheated with drums, guitar, bas, harmonica and a bunch of other more or less obscure instruments.

His interest in electronic music started in the mid 80s when he came across one of the first computer trackers. Fascinated by the sounds that a computer could generate he started to invest every penny in electronic music gear. At the age of 19, he started to work as a music producer for a major publishing company, mostly doing mainstream pop productions with an electronic touch. He spent all his free time in his own studio making all kind of electronic music.

In 1994 he followed a friend to an outdoor rave, a whole new experience. He spent the night sitting in the top of a tree just listening to the music and watch people dance, to see how the music affected the crowd was a new dimension to music that he had never experienced before. In 1996 he played his first techno live set at a small party, with just a TR808 and a TB303 he made the crowd dance for 4 hours. The following years he produced tons of Acid, house and techno tracks and continued to play live.

It took until 1999 before he bought his first set of decks, a cheap mixer and started to DJ. In 2001 he teamed up with Swedish Techno DJ and Producer Johan Thunberg and they formed the Techno Collective Smuts. Smuts soon got a reputation always delivering quality, either they arranged parties, DJ or performed live. In 2005 they built a new studio in the middle of Stockholm and late 2006 they started the Stupid Records Label.

With two new releases on its way and bookings all over Europe it seems like you will be hearing more from Johannes Ahlberg throughout 2007.