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Johan Virhia was born in Medellin, Colombia on February 14, 1993, born in 2006, his taste for electronic music listening sounds of artists of that era, in 2009 decided to give all of it, to electronic music, this is where began his career doing a great mix of House and Tech House, with good energy and encourage dancing.

In February of 2011 to the present begins as Producer Musical Life in the Dark Duo, production was started with a rather poor style, making more progress every day, but always using a good kick, bass and vocals. That same year he met one of his goals, be more important in the store Beatport, recording for labels: Torque Recordings, Love Dance 2 Recordings, Dirty Dutch and Colombian Records Room Records.

Johan Virhia, have been successful in so little time, a young man known for his charisma and humility, humility that led him to have a good relationship with national and international artists, like John Henao, Angel Jimenez, Criis, among others . Virhia not want to pause profeccional life that for him is like taking a step back. His influences come from large national and international artists. Johan Virhia currently produces House and Dutch.

One of his greatest hits is Just Drop Beats, featuring remixes of Jara and Joseph Victtor Qas, For the Dutch Colombian Records Label. Soon to be available in digital stores.

Johan Virhia

Producer + Remixer