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Joey Veedub

Orlando, United States

Hard Dance, Progressive House

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Joseph VanWinkle, or better known as “Joey VeeDub” was born on January 2, 1989 in a small suburban town known as Franklin, Ohio at 7:45 PM.

Growing up, Joey had always been a music lover. From the vintage sounds of Elvis Pressley, which his father and grandmother adored, to the Rock & Roll sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Music has always been a huge part of Joey’s life. There was something about music that kept him (Joey) intrigued and in love.

Only a few years of Joey’s childhood was spent in the state of Ohio. In 1993, Joey and his family packed up their belongings and headed to the bluegrass state of Kentucky in search of more work and a better life. Here, Joey would spend most of his young childhood life hiking the woods and living the so called “country life”.

In the summer of ‘98 Joey’s parents sent him on a plane to live with his older brother, James for what he was told just a summer vacation. As the plane landed, the smells were different. The air was much more…. crowded. The tall buildings, and the 100’s of cars at a time, was all new sightings. He knew things for some reason would be different.

Once packed in, he noticed the amazing music collection his brother had collected. Not many of the names he was familiar with, but little did he know, would come to love and cherish the rest of his life.

From NIRVANA, to Stone Temple Pilots and even a band that seemed to be the most adored by his brother, a band known as Alice In Chains. The sounds were much more rougher, crunchier, and more GRUNGE-ier. He grew to really enjoy these sounds, and really got to knew what they were about, by reading their bio’s, getting to know their own personalities.

It wasn’t until middle school, would Joey get to know the Electronic Music scene. The so called, “Crowd” that he hung out with were bass hungry, multicolored, parachute pants wearing individuals who were like no other crowd. They stood out and made themselves noticed not just by the way they looked, or they way they lived, but by their sounds in their lives.

From the shooting lasers, to the chest bumping bass. The melodic and trance-y sounds would take their lives and completely warp it and make the crowd be their own people. From the likes of AK1200, to the more upbeat sounds of Prodigy, the whole Electronic Dance Music world had infact completely taken him over. Enought to drive the young, 16 year old Joey to start producing his own sounds of E.D.M.

Over the years he would learn the hard work, and complexion of the different programs. In 2011, after being in and out of different genres of bands, and doing different genre’d solo projects, Joey would finally settle down and began to focus on his realy love, Electronic Dance Music.

By this time there were more popular EDM artist that have had the spotlight and sorta started to take over. These artist were many well known artist like Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, Kaskade, and even some fo the more up and coming names like Steve Aoki, Porter Robinson, and the ever so loved, Sonny “Skrillex” Moore (the former frontman of the screamo band, From First To Last) There were also new genres gaining more spotlight, like “Dubstep”, "Liquid DnB’, and the genre that has gained more popularity would be the hip hop, EDM genre known as, “Trap”.

But however, in 2012, there was one genre that had caught the eye of the aspiring EDM artist thanks to the love of a woman that had came into his life. Typically consisting of deep, hard-sounding kick drums, intense faded or reversed basslines accompanying the beat, and a synth playing a melody that is slightly detuned with distorted sounds. With these elements combined you have yourself, what VeeDub considers to be, one the best genres of the EDM category, HARDSTYLE!

When artists like Dana, Pavo, Darkraver, Luna and The Prophet, and even the more new age artist like, Headhunterz, Showtek, Wildstylez and Da Tweekaz started to get notice, VeeDub knew that this would be the new top genre in the EDM world. With it already on the West Coast of the U.S. in cities like Las Angeles, San Diego and even the Eastern U.S. like New York and recently catching on, Florida. Miami being the most known area to put our Hardstyle artist on the the map.

Now, the year 2013 has risen, and the EDM world is getting bigger. Along with the EDM growth, so has the drive and ambition of the aspiring Hardstyle artist, Joey VeeDub. So join us, on this journey into the world of EDM as VeeDub continues to pursue his dreams to be one of the most well known, and respected Hardstyle artist in the World….