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Joey Riot

Bristol, United Kingdom

B2T Recordings, Bionic Digital, Blatant Beats
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Music has always been a big part of Joey’s life, learning guitar and piano in his early teens and 1st venturing out in front of crowd at the tender age of 15 as an MC. DJ’ing and music production came later in his life and when he decided it was the path he wanted to take as a professional career there was no stopping him.

His first record was released in 2005 and since then his meteoric rise has been unstoppable. He has had over 150 tracks released on a plethora of labels in the hardcore and hard dance scenes including his and Kurt’s Lethal Theory, Quosh, Next Generation, Maximum Impact, Ourstyle and Awsum to name a few.

He has featured on nearly every major Hardcore Compilation since 2005 and has mixed two TV advertised albums, Hardcore Heaven 4 & Hardcore Nation 2009 along with other independent albums.

Joey, alongside DJ Kurt started Lethal Theory Records in 2007 and in 2 short years they had won the “Best Label” award at the Hardcore awards in 2009. In 2006 he won the “Best Breakthrough DJ” award and in 2007 He & Kurt’s Lethal Theory Live show won “Best live act”. In 2009 he came 3rd in the best DJ category and 2nd in the best producer category and in 2010 Lethal Theory won “Best Label” again for the 2nd year running and Joey won “Best Hardcore Techno DJ”. He also moved up a place from 3rd to 2nd in the “Best DJ” catagory, continuing in his rise to the top. 2011 Saw Joey scoop 3 awards, “Best Record Label” for an amazing 3rd year in a row, “Best Hardcore Techno DJ” for the 2nd year in a rown and “Best Album” for the 1st time for Hardcore Heaven Summer Madness!

In 2013 Joey’s Label Lethal Theory scooped an unprecedented 7 awards! Including Best Label, Best Album, Set Of The Year & Joey Winning Best Hardcore Techno (Gabber) DJ for the 3rd time.

Joey came 2nd again in best DJ category and was in the top 3 for 9 different categories, proving his versatility beyond a Shadow of a doubt.

The multi award winning DJ & Producer has remixed and been remixed by some of the biggest artists in dance music today including Darren Styles, Cascada, Dougal & Gammer, Ferry Corsten, Sy & Unknown, BBE and many, many more.

Now established as one of the biggest names in UK Hardcore, Joey plays at all the UK’s biggest events and festivals every weekend including, Slammin Vinyl, HTID, Global Gathering, Escape in the park, Coloursfest, etc… The list goes on!

Joey’s appeal is international as he regularly plays overseas every year with tours in the USA, Europe, Australia, & Canada

In 2010 he was on the Ministry of Sound Dance Nation tour appearing alongside the likes of Bass Hunter, Sash and other huge names in the commercial dance world, bringing the Lethal Theory sound to a whole new audience.

In the summer of 2011 Joey’s TV advertised album Hardcore Heaven “Summer Madness” was released to critical acclaim. He featured alongside hardcore heavy hitters, Gammer, Dougal, Kurt, Sy & Unknown on the 3 CD album available from iTunes and all major music outlets.

Lethal Theory’s “Hardcore Innovators” album was released in January 2012. Eagerly awaited by fans and industry insiders alike, the 1st in house album from the world’s number 1 hardcore label has done what it set out to do. Raise the bar and get people rockin!

Joey & Kurt’s This Is Powerstomp (Released in 2013) won best album at the HH awards and sold out in just 3 months!

A testament to the new Powerstomp sound from Lethal Theory that has completely taken over the UK and beyond!

Joey’s Hardstyle now making waves worldwide with number 1 releases on Cally & Juice’s “Ourstyle” label, “Quarantined Recordings”, “Bionic”, Italian Label “Ipnotika” & Dutch Giants “Midtown” & “Seismic” Most recently he has been signed to German Hardstyle giants Blutonium Records.

Working under his Destructive Tendencies alias with Dark-Lite & DMR has seen the brand exploded worldwide! With the boys 1st EP going to Number 1. Winning the TIH remix competition with their remix of Mad Dog’s Agony then Hitting number 1 with their remix of Rotterdam Terror Corp’s & Paul Elstak’s Skull Dominion track. Since then the boys have appeared on BBC Radio 1 and remixed some of the biggest names in the scene including Endymion, Unexist and more.

They are now signed to the world’s biggest Hardcore Agency “Most Wanted”

The DT gig diary has seen them play main stages across Europe and featuring at HUGE events such as Decibel fesival, Pussy Mother F**kers, Hardcore 4 Life and many many more.

Their international diary is jam packed with huge parties across the globe!

Under his alias Josef, his house and trance music had been released by the mighty Ministry of Sound, Limbo & most recently he has been signed to Censored Records.

A born entertainer, on the stage is where this DJ really shines. His enigmatic performances have become the stuff of legend in the hardcore scene with the crowd chanting “JOEY, JOEY, JOEY F**KIN RIOT” at every set he plays.

Lethal is the Theory he lives by… Joey Riot