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Joey Beltram

New York, United States


Brooklyn Music, Bush, Bush Records
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A name to be known in the international musical community for the new mIllenium. The Queens born and bred DJ and producer has paved the road of the current 90s electronica musical revolution which is now being championed by the likes of artists like The Chemical Brothers and The Orb. Beltram’ brilliance as a producer has been heard in over 30 countries worldwide, and he is also the main player responsible for influencing and establishing a musical movement that is gaining mainstream popularity and acceptance at an increasingly alarming rate. He is now continuing his trademark of musical innovation with the new release Joey Beltram Live Mix.

At the tender age of 12, Joey began deejaying. At 17, he recorded his first 12" single. For eight years, he has deejayed all over the world. Beltram currently stands as a huge draw for dance events around the world, specifically in England, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, Australia and the cosmopolitan centers of the United States. Joey Beltram is special because is he is more than just the average techno DJ and producer. He is an artist that nurtures the tracks he produces rather than banging them out — the end result is music that is constantly favored and imitated by producers worldwide.

Beltram’ musical inspiration is derived from his infatuation with Detroit and Chicago house music. The raw, electro-driven beats and kinetic energy of the 80s sound of artists like Chip-E and Adonis — not the sounds of the Paradise Garage in the Big Apple — are what stirred him to begin producing his own tracks. Joey’ first release came out on New York imprint Nu Groove under the moniker Code 6. His work with Nu Groove was followed by tracks with Atmosphere Records, Easy Street, Trax Records of Chicago and the most prominent techno label of the time, R&S Records of Belgium.

In 1989, Joey traveled to Gent, Belgium, where he launched his future as a DJ in Europe. His career flourished, returned to Queens in 1991, and laid down the track “Energy Flash”, unknowingly writing a new chapter in the musical history books. This classic swept dancefloors worldwide ushering in a new era of dance music with its bass-fueled bottom heaviness and its infamous sample voicing the words “ecstasy, ecstasy”. In 1995 Beltram released his highly acclaimed debut LP Places (Tresor), which was reported by Muzik magazine as one of the best albums of 1996 due to its minimal simplicity and originality. Once again, Joey broke down another set of barriers in dance music, further escalating the buzz around his presence as an innovator.

Joey Beltram Live Mix combines the highlights of Joey’ career, with his favorite tracks from techno’ archives and current dancefloor staples into a mix as one would hear if they encountered his sound on the dancefloor. The twelve track album includes Joey’ own “Ogo”, the anthem “Energy Flash” and the favorite “Game Form” which first appeared on Places with mixes by Robert Armani and Mike Dearborn.