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Joel Reichert

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Electro House, Techno

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Joel Reicher was born 25/4/90 in Santa Rosa, La Pampa province, at the tender age of 16 began to run as a producer of techno music, was a producer of topics such as storm mitology forever dreaming and were defined as a techno very minimal house. In 2008 Joel presents Convenional hard techno, a CD that demonstrates the real position of this young dj producer infants, in which grout techno, electronica and a bit of electronica, this CD will be presented in different places in Buenos Aires during 2008.En whole summer of this year, Joel started to have implications in the 88.5 radio, was hired in an interview by Gonzalo Romero (DRIVER PROGRAM THE TEMPLE OF ART). On March 29, 2008 Joel Reichert presented Techno of the night, a label created by él.También is releasing on 6 July 2008 an album linked to this label with the same nombre.En this year Joel was present in 88.5 radio with its own program called Joel Reichert in concert , it was the most played of the month, so he was hired by Temple ArT program as a driver (who could edit the end of 2008). In late 2008 Joel agrees to be resident dj Chankanab (electronica track) and in January the following year completed his residency at the store and joined D-Elektro, with the aim of recording this new project together. In 2009 Joel published his most successful album with D-ELEKTRO-called “D-ELEKTRO 2009” which contained 2 cd with own productions and remixes like “La isla del sol (dose Elektro remix)” and "Lethal Industry (House remix) "among many more. After this double album came 3 singles but this time edited by Clubbood called Clubbood Winter 2009 “,” Club line (clubbod edition) “and” Light Beach ", all singles with remixes of Joel. In this also to edit it with a single but his personal stamp called "D-ELEKTRO You mode. By the end of that year Joel started his official online radio, first released on 7/11/09 with the figure of Busko Bradd, M. Santos, international dj Novak among others.

Joel is taking his music nowadays to different parties, discos and radio, doing dance and rave to all their fans and hear their music and the best DJ and producer in radio odicial.