Jochem Peterson Beatport


Jochem has been active in the dance music scene for almost a decade now. With his trance side project he produced 2 full albums and he has been released on numerous compilations.

Based in Belgium, Jochem got infected by electronic music in the early times of dance music, where the Belgian scene was ‘pioneering’ from the very beginning. With his musical background, his engineering degree and years of experience on the drums he started to create electronic music.

Since 2005 Jochem is touring the world, playing in clubs and festivals worldwide from Mexico to Russia, from Japan to Brazil and all over Europe. Like Tomorrowland (BE), The Gathering (JP), Full Moon Festival (DE), Aurora Festival (GR), Magic Festival (MEX), and many more…

Jochem Peterson’s releases will be mainly seen on his own label Atmosphere Records. Being A&R of Atmosphere he will guide this upcoming label in the right musical direction.


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