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Jochem Hamerling

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Abzolut (Spinnin), Be One Records, Dirty Soul
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This is the story of Jochem Hamerling, born March 17th 1986. Growing up in a musical family he started playing piano as soon as he could reach the keys. Soon after piano he branched into brass instruments trying his hand at the Saxophone. Realizing he had a passion for beats, Hamerling gravitated toward dance music making the first tracks on his dads synthesizers.

At age 15 Hamerling started a drive in show with two good friends. Purchasing his first DJ set, he played his first set of gigs. Organizing his own events all through the region.

Jochem Hamerling moved to the USA to complete high school at Plainfield South. Witnessing Chicago house legends like Derrick Carter and Paul Johnson.

He was 100% sold from that moment on.

When he returned home after graduating he hit the ground running, playing more clubs and producing more music, which resulted in his first record deals. Hamerling has been creating and releasing music ever since.

In 2011 He decided to make music under his own name and only do the things he truly loves. Playing and making quality house! In this new round of music its like his heart jumps off the track and grabs you.

The first Jochem Hamerling tracks are out now and there is many more to come.

Music is a passion for Hamerling that shines 100% in his tracks. There is nothing but great things to come from this genuine music lover from Utrecht.

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