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Joaquin Escalante was born in 1986, in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He took his first steps within the electronic culture at age 18. Because he was drawn to this music tendency, he decided to participate as a photographer, in several events, which later would have been published on the web page “Noche Electronica”, a proyect in which he is pioneer. At the same time, Joaquin Escanlante decides to be part of the culture as a DJ as well, and starts to work on his first music productions, to a name a few: “Whoaheo, the sound y everybody jump”.

A couple of years later and thanks to his excelents beats and rithyms, Joaquin Escamantes gains the support of many artists in the field, such as Luigi Daniell, Ronnie Mazze, Matt Darey, Mark Alvarado, and music labels Fat Line Music, Huk Records, Tronic B7 Records, Oceanic Recordings, Full Thrutlle Recordings.

This producer born and raised in Maracaibo, is also supported by Hector Patty, a DJ born in Caracas; together they released “Tributo a los Colegas Vol. 02”, in which also participates many known artists such as: Jose Cabello, Luigi Daniel, Fiuset, Reix, among others.

Joaquin Escalante has performed in many discos and events in Maracabo. He is an important part of the group The Beat Machine, with fellow colleagues Dj [email protected], , Dj Dei-beat y Dj Schuster….Together they became known in the electronic music market and they performed from October to December in Bahía Mistic of Gabana, making the crowd roar and jump at the beat of their music.

Today, they continue with their development plan, focussing on techno, tech house and progressive, with minnimal touches, in order to make each and every presentation unique, vary and smooth at all times.