Joan Ibanez Beatport


JOAN IBAÑEZ Deejay and Producer, Announcer I remove.

Deejay and born producer in Terrassa on June 14, 1979. her,your professional career began it he does 5 year, with a style techno house, tribal and with touches of ancient topics. your sessiones and his own proper style after the plates have raised rage, in one of the after mas known in the count city (BARCELONA) .FRITZ-GROUP.

Nowadays it he resides in Pasha Barcelona (MANSION) and The Colors of sound and Forms a part in the holidays(parties) PAPARAZZI.

Every Friday it does a Program of Radius in 105.4 Fm, ZONNA DEEJAY.

Today for today your sessiones have been needed in rooms as, PASHA (BARCELONA), CHIKITA (bcn), UP and DOWN (bcn), P-16 (tarragona), LEYEND GROUP (castelldefells), SPAM IBIZA CLUBING (bcn), HELLO (castelldefells), ELEMENT (granollers), LOLA’S (IBIZA) All that to his(her,your) facet like Producer already has several works to the sale FEELING THE FREEDOM in the year 2007, MERGER June, 2008 and new paragraph forming a part in the RECOPILATORIOS MATINEE GROUP, DANCE 2008.