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DJ / Producer / Vocalist / Designer

New York native Joseph Esposito, known to his fan base as Jo-s, has been involved in the Drum and Bass industry since 1995. Since his transition to Los Angeles in 2001, his impact has been immeasurable and manifest in a multitude of ways both locally and internationally. His skills as a professional entertainer range from live DJ sets, singing and original production. Jo-s has performed in almost every major city throughout the United States as well as Canada, Mexico and the UK. He is regarded for his hi-energy stage presence and signature mixing style; a combination of smooth blending and swift cutting while complimenting the performance with original live vocals on the fly. Jo-s is known to drop any style of drum and bass from melodic liquid vibes to neuro-funk, old-school classics, dance floor bangers and original dubplates. Traditionally dedicated to crowd interaction, Jo-s always brings a winning performance to the decks at any event no matter what the capacity.

As a Producer, his music has appeared on labels such as Rawkuts / Rawkus, After Shock Radio Recordings, F-111 / Higher Education (Warner Bros), Taciturn, Caffeine and GFS. One of his first and most well respected releases in 2000 entitled “Turbo” earned him a remix by The Usual Suspects (Renegade Hardware / UK) on the F-111 / Higher Education (Warner Bros) imprint. His earlier productions have also played an integral part in the development of the now defunct New York based label Rawkuts Records, a division of the hip-hop label Rawkus. His first single on Rawkuts entitled “Separation” received third-party licensing exposure from Canadian DJ Freaky Flow for the mix album entitled “World Domination” on Moonshine Records. In 2002, New York based label Taciturn Records released the debut artist album from Jo-s entitled “Firing Pin”. Comprised of 13 original tracks in a continuously mixed format, “Firing Pin” is a definitive look into the production history of Jo-s. As a full service artist, the packaging design was produced by Jo-s as well. The release was distributed nationally via RED, Sony’s independent distributor, and was subsequently released digitally via SONY/BMG’s digital distribution network that includes iTunes, Yahoomusic and other reputable download sites. “Firing Pin” was featured on listening station kiosks in stores such as Tower and Virgin. Jo-s has forthcoming releases on Taciturn Records which includes electro / dance remixes as well.

Jo-s has also collaborated with other artists such as Audio Angel; a well-respected vocalist hailing from San Francisco. Their 12" single entitled “Forever” garnered them the attention of DJ Hype with remix work done by Nightwalker and Company Truck. Shortly thereafter, Jo-s and Audio Angel began performing together eventually expanding their live act by adding a sax player named Devoe. This trio has broken ground with their epic studio mixes and live performances bringing an element to Drum and Bass that is something only to be witnessed. The “DJ and The Diva feat. Devoe on Sax” is now available for bookings.

The future is looking bright for Jo-s. He is currently in the studio working on solo projects as well as recording vocals for other internationally recognized drum and bass artists. His most noted vocal collaboration entitled “Emeralds”, produced by Lenzman, is currently being played by some of the top DJ’s namely Goldie of Metalheadz fame, DJ Friction, LTJ Bukem, Marcus Intalex and many others. Consequently, DJ Friction has signed “Emeralds” for release on his highly acclaimed label Shogun Ltd. It was a #1 seller on Beatport for 2 weeks and continues to be getting played in the international club circuit. Their forthcoming release on Metalheadz entitled “Coincidence” is already getting exposure and is sure to be another success. Jo-s has recorded vocals for other respectable artists as well such as Bcee and Sinistarr with future releases in the pipeline.

Jo-s is now available for national tour dates through Driven Artist Management.

International requests may be made to Jo-s directly.


Bcee feat. Jo-s – Mr. Bidigan

out now on Spearhead Recordings

Lenzman feat. Jo-s – Emeralds b/w Mesmerized

out now on Shogun Ltd

Sinistarr feat. Jo-s – Vines

out now on Sonorous

Jo-s – Mainframe b/w Timepiece

out now on Taciturn Digital

(this is a digital re-release off of the previously released album “Firing Pin”)

Jo-s and Alder feat. Karl Cutta – Crumblin’ Empirez EP

out now on Taciturn Digital


Lenzman feat. Jo-s – Coincidence – Metalheadz

Lenzman feat. Jo-s – Fade Away – Soul:r

Lenzman and Treez feat. Jo-s – Stellar – Subtitles

Bcee feat. Jo-s – Mr. Bidigan (Total Science remix) – Spearhead

Jo-s – The Passage / Autumn Reign – PPR

Jo-s & Kubatko – Define – Westbay International

Jo-s – Weird Fishes – Taciturn Digital

Jo-s – Snicker b/w Undertow – Taciturn Digital

  • All of the singles from the previously released Jo-s album “Firing Pin”, as well as all forthcoming music on Taciturn Records, will be released digitally through Sony’s expanded digital network which will now includes iTunes, Beatport, Trackitdown, Juno and other quality DJ download sites.


URBSeptember 2005 – 12" Review

“Jo-s teams up with vocalist Audio Angel (Influx UK) to deliver a sweet, slick and ruff stateside banger. Jo-s has definitely stepped up his production evident by his warm solid bass, crisp breaks and beautiful pads all culminating in a superb sound. Nightwalker re-works the tune with pitch-shifting b-lines, smacking 808s and his signature stepping drum patterns. Soul with a techie touch! "

- JV

RINSE – June / July 2005 – 12" Review

“LA-based Joseph Esposito teams up with the styles of Audio Angel on this vocal-laden bit of harder drum and bass. The a-side starts a bit lighter before touching down with a darker edge. Flip to the b-side for a more twisted version by Nightwalker. My pick is the a-side on this wax.”

- I.N.S.

DJ TIMES – December 2002 – 12" Review

“American d-n-b fans should be proud to call Jo-s their own. Intricate, audacious and powerful, the textured quality of Undertow is on par with producers that have been around for ages. Continuing strongly on Disintegrate, the robustness gives way to a resilient bounce and an enticing female vocal. Very nice.”

- Lily Moayeri

RINSE – November / December 2002 – Album Review

“For anyone who is unfamiliar with Jo-s, I’m sure this album will clear up any confusion. In my opinion, this is one of the better debut albums we have seen in a while. Taciturn definitely has a winner with this album.”

- I.N.S.

JOINTZ – October 2002 – Album Review

Firing Pin features thirteen original tracks by Jo-s, some released on Caffeine and Rawkuts labels, and four previously unreleased. Firing Pin delivers a party feel with euphoric vocals while maintaining heavy basslines to implement the dark-step appeal LA junglists love. The CD version is mixed with razor sharp precision, while the vinyl version should attract jungle DJs. Blisterpack, Syphon Remix and Timepiece are standouts while Disintegrate and Mainframe creep up on you. It’s a cool album overall, which means he’s only going to get better.

- Eski

MIXER – October 2002 – 12" Review

“For the vinyl release preceding his full length, Firing Pin, Jo-s pulls out all the stops. Multi-layered and bold, the techy, aggressive nature is tempered with originality in delivery. The vigorous energy of Timepiece keeps that confident floor driven attitude peppered with scattered female vocal stabs and sweeping atmospherics.”

- Lily Moayeri

XLR8R – September 2001 – 12" Review

“New York producer Jo-s steps up to the plate again with a pair of interesting tracks reminiscent of early Konflict or Cause 4 Concern. Afterburner, on the flip, is a techy night-flight full of zooming beats beats, but Separation is better, with a skittering and twisted fairground melody, a haunting, old-school-sounding diva intro and crispy beats…

- Star Eyes

BPM – September 2001 – 12" Review

“After several tracks on the Rawkuts label, Jo-s already shows a bit more growth as a producer. Afterburner is a hard techno-ish track with a bit of trace amens, and lots of interesting changes throughout. Separation is the stand out on this twelve inch, with bongos, female vocal samples, and some cheeky classic videogame bleeps…”

- Jesse Mann

KNOWLEDGE – July 2001 – 12" Review

“Furious darkside fare from the states here, with Afterburner letting fly with pummeling bass, runaway beats, and swarming techno riffs. A breezy vocal intro builds the vibe nicely on Separation, running with I’m love with you vocals and increasingly tense synth play…”

- L

BPM – June 2001 – 12" Review

“…Jo-s contributes an impressive track as well with Submission, starting out light and airy, but then coming in with a menacing, ravey hook.”

- Jesse Mann

KNOWLEDGE – March 2001 – 12" Review

“This newcomer seems to be doing the rounds on some of the top US labels (with his last release on F11 / Higher Education opening the door) and it’s no wonder…Desire is an intricately programmed, rattling stepper. Lots of technical breaks, percussive knocks, oscillating bass and a processed vocal make for a more unique sound. The flip is a steady stomper with swirling FX that turns into a manic roll out with a bit of disjointed drum fills and a turbulent b-line.”

- S

BPM – October 2000 – 12" Review

“After years on the East Coast rave circuit, these two veteran Djs come through with a very strong 12”. One of the best domestic releases so far this year. Both tracks are tailored for the dance floor with more aggressive versions of the originals. Syphon by Jo-s is an exercise in techno influenced D&B, very well produced with interesting melodic lines…"

- Jesse Mann


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10/22/09 – Mr. Bidigan (Bcee feat. Jo-s) – Spearhead Recordings

3/1/09 – Emeralds (Lenzman feat. Jo-s) – Shogun Ltd

3/1/09 – Crumblin’ Empirez EP (Jo-s and Alder feat. Karl Cutta) – Taciturn Digital

3/1/09 – Mainframe b/w Timepiece – Taciturn Digital

3/1/09 – Vines (Sinistarr feat. Jo-s) – Sonorous

9/1/05 – Forever Feat. Audio Angel b/w Nightwalker Rmx – ASR Records

9/17/02 – Mainframe b/w Timepiece – Taciturn

9/01/01 – Blisterpack b/w Spitball – Argento Recordings

6/19/01 – Afterburner b/w Separation – Rawkus / Rawkuts Records

1/30/01 – Submission – Rawkus / Rawkuts Records

12/12/00 – Desire b/w Beehive (Pulsecode) – Rawkus / Rawkuts Records

10/31/00 – Turbo – F-111 / Higher Education

7/1/00 – Syphon Rmx – Caffeine Records

6/1/00 – Syphon – Caffeine Records


11/14/02 – Firing Pin – Taciturn Records


11/09 – Exclusive Mix for Knowledge Mag

7/09 – Driven AM Studio Promo Mix Vol.1

12/06 – Into the Twilight feat. Jo-s & Audio Angel w/ Devoe on sax

3/06 – Step Into Spring feat. Jo-s & Audio Angel

10/05 – Once Upon A Time: Jo-s and Audio Angel In The Mix – Groove Riders

Rawkuts DJ Promo – Rawkus / Rawkuts

Cruise Control – Caffeine

100% Drum & Bass – Caffeine

Jungle Warfare feat. Kazpa – Caffeine


Shogun Ltd / Metalheadz / Soul:r / Spearhead / Peer Pressure / Sonorous / Taciturn Records / Aerosoul Clothing