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Miami, United States

House, Tech House

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Miami?s own Jnova is a proud born and raised Salvadorian that since age 14 got a taste of what in the future would be one of his favorite activities, the DJ venture.

He was introduced to the music industry while helping a friend to carry his sound equipment and trays of countless records. Weekend after weekend Jay helped his friend and rapidly fell in love with the vibe and atmosphere that a DJ could generate before a crowd.

Throwing small parties for friends in his house, using borrowed sound equipment, is how Jay started to make his dream to become a DJ into a reality. His reputation grew among friends and acquaintances, his passion and love for music was just starting. Jay had his priorities straight and knew he had to finish school first. Upon graduation from high school in his hometown of San Salvador, he decided to move to Miami to give himself an opportunity to pursue a higher-level education. In 1998 he enrolled at Miami Dade College and happened to find his way to WSUA (currently the College radio station) and started his career as a radio DJ conducting an electronic music show.

Little after his arrival in Miami, he got a taste of what this city?s Nightlife was all about. Soon, he realized the Radio was not fulfilling enough for him he decided to go on to Mobile DJ with T2000 production and enjoyed it. Nevertheless, he knew that there was something he was missing, something more than being a mobile and radio DJ. In 2002 he landed a job at a restaurant bar/show owned by a famous Venezuelan singer, Reynaldo Armas, and there he met his future partner and associate DJ Geeh and a lot of people involved in the nightlife of Miami. From then on, Jay jumped from being a mobile DJ to what he truly was missing in his career that was to be involved with live crowd. He performed with different Venezuelan celebrities and became known throughout the Venezuelan and Colombian communities in Miami. From then on, he jumped to different nightclubs and has been connected with big time promoters throughout Miami and many other parts of the country.

Jay has a blend of Global Beats spicing it with some Latin flavor along with some of his remixes to energize the dance floor.

Jay got his first residency on one of the best known restaurant/nightclub in south beach: Cancun Grill Senor Frogs in Miami Beach. From then on, he has played in quite a lot of clubs in Miami and has traveled to different parts of the world to offer a little taste of that tiny country where he so proudly is from.

In 2004, he became part of Inprogresso Records and has been doing remixes and tracks for the record label ever since.

At present, Jay is working towards getting a Minor in Sound Engineering besides a BS Degree in Computer Engineering and a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering.