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jNewell is a House DJ from San Antonio, Texas. After getting into electronic music in 2006 he decided that he wanted to be involved as much as he could with the music. So he decided to get virtual dj on his computer and get practicing on how to DJ. Slowly he was getting better, not because his shows but because he was understanding more about how to mix without using that sync button. He had his first show in the begining of 2012 at Amnesia night club in San Antonio and was enjoyed by everyone. He decided that he was going to get a Midi mixer so he can take his mixing to the next level. With this addition he was asked to do a weekly radio show on DTFMradio.com which he had a weekly show going for 5 months. Unfortunatly all things must end and the show’s time had come. He still is playing events ranging from club events to special events for different stores. He has mostly been influenced by the music of DJ Dan, Charles Feelgood, Thomas Penton, and others. He would like to also thank Gilbert Carrizales for introducing the wider spectrum of electronic music to him.