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San Diego, United States

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I started DJing in 2008 with my younger brother. We were always the ones who had to pick the songs at my mothers party’s. We went from Ipod’s to computer programs and finally made the jump to “Real” Dj with turntables and all!

Today I’m living my dream of working in downtown San Diego as a club DJ. I’ve gotten really lucky with chances from promoters. I try to give my best performance every time I step in the booth because at the end of the night, if the crowd leaves happy and had a good time then I did my job correctly.

I’m still new to this game but you can catch me at some of the many awesome clubs in SD. If you ever want to go to the clubs just hit me up and I’ll get you and your friends in no prob! One more familiar face in the crowd was never a bad thing!

Thanks for the support everyone, without you, I wouldn’t have made it this far and with your continued support who knows where I will end up!