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Jk Lloyd

London, United Kingdom

Psy-Trance, Trance

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Jk Lloyd is one of the alias of Giancarlo Loi, Italian producer of Dance / Electronic/ Trance/ Dream Music from 1989.

Born in Cagliari, Sardinia (Sardegna) Italy, 17 of November 1968

Producer, arranger, sound engineer, musician.

Jk Lloyd’s aliases are : Jk Lloyd Alex Remark, Valoy , Gravity One, Gravity of Force, The Creators, Parallel x, Metronomikal, Whiteworld , I.d.h.a, Trance Lab

Jk LLoyd produced and performed one of the first “Dream music” track (titled Pyramid with alias “WP Alex Remark”), in 1995, followed by a lot of successful tracks, sells worldwide.

Jk Lloyd worked with John Grimes, U2’s audio engineer. Jk Lloyd is one of the first “Live performer” of Trance music, from ’90 he played with sampling keyboards and computers around the world, instead of classical vinil play, he plays the music live with sinths and samplers, all in real time.

As Dj Jk LLoyd did play him sets all over the world in the best clubs, next to top world’s Djs and vocalists like Claudio Coccoluto, Jt Vannelli, Babayaga, Gigi D’agostino, Roland Brant, Gianni Parrini, Flavio Vecchi, Moreno pezzolato, Leo Mas, Morez, J. Master Pez, Luca Colombo, Gianni bini, Mario Più, Steve Vee, Frankino, Mad Bob, Stefano Bratti, Mr Hide, Luca Antolini, Paolo Kighine, Roby J, Roberto Francesconi, Luca Zeta, Giacomo Orlando, Stefano Noferini, David Morales, Ricky Le Roy, Francesco Farfa, Carl Cox, Ferry Corsten, Benny Benassi, Roger Sancez, Massimo Vivona, Mauro Picotto,Franco Moiraghi, Cirillo, Ricci, Gianni Parrini,Maurizio Ferrucci, Alex Natale, Farfa, Francesco Zappalà, Marco Ricci, Stefano Bratti, Ralf, Ricky Montanari, Flavio Vecchi, Massimino Lippoli, Mr. Marvin, Stefano D’andrea, Adrian Morrison, Marco Trani, Luca Colombo, Bruno Bolla, J. MAster Pez, Leo Mas, Gemolotto, Fabrice, Paolo Martini, Ricky Birichino, Carlo Mognaschi, Waine Brown, Sandro Russo, Stefano Fontana, Ivan Iacobucci, Stefano Noferini, Ciuffo, Maco Ossanna, Alfred Azzetto, Gianni Morri, MAssimo Padovani, Miky, Angelino, Philippe Reanult, Massimo Gibellini, Ricky LeRoy, Franz, George G., MAssimo Cominotto, Alfredo Zanca, Ivo Morini, Luca Trevisi, Uovo, Mario Più, Gianni Bini, Stefano Calmoka, Ezio Vallini, Rame, MArco Cecere, Nicola Divenere, Marco Bresciani, Salvatore Stallone, Pino Presta, Stefano Malaisi, Silvio Perrone, Daniele Tignino, Stefano Cianciulli, Stefano Noto, Fabio Locati, Dino Piacenti, Fabrizio Poli, Mauro M.B.S., Killer Faber, Simona Faraone, Ferdinando Opera, Ottorino, Mephisto, Max Alberti, Andrea Frizzi, Andrea Monghini, Roberto Intrallazzi, Sasà, Capobianco, Daniele Hornbostel, Nicola Grassetto, Ciso, Claudio Diva, Pietro Villa, Pj Master…

April 2008: Jk LLoyd Alex Remark Feat. Fiona Stein.

After 2 years jk Lloyd presents a new track called “this love”, in double version, trance and dream. The trance version is a new style vision of classical pop dance music. The dream version is remixed by Alex Remark ( the creator of Dream music) , lyrics are written and performed by Fiona Stein.

Fiona Stein was born in Nottinghamshire England and began performing as a singer from the age of five. After many years classical training, not just vocally, but also on the violin and piano, she broke away and moved to London where she performed in many of the well known jazz clubs. Her ethereal vocal quality and song lyrics soon got her noticed by the dance music industry where much of her career is now focussed. In addition to her work with (JK Lloyd/Alex Remark) she is currently involved with projects for French disco producer Laurent Schark and Sugababes creator Ron Tom.

This Love was recorded and produced in London by Jk Lloyd at Onirikalab digital studio and is the first track of the forthcoming album by Jk Lloyd and Alex Remark. Mastering by Steve Kitch in Uk ( the remixer who mastered Hod). The track will be available on Itunes (worldwide), Hmv Digital, Sony Econnect, Virgin Digital, Emusic, Rhapsody, Napster, Musicgremlin, Yahoo Music, Radio Deejay Store, M2O Store, My Mobile Music (Carphone Warehouse), 3, Vodafone, Wind, Alice, Tim (Telecom Italia Mobile), and many others…