Top 50k on The DJ List

Jive (Sf)

San Francisco, United States

AKA: Stephan Ford


tephan Ford aka DJ Jive began tuning his ears and learned to read the language of music at the ripe young age of 10 in Southern California. The pre-teen Jive would often be found challenging the neighborhood kids to break dance to influential music, such as Herbie Hancock’s “Rock-It”. In later years, he gravitated toward the progressive sounds of industrial music at LA underground parties. From percussion to strings to turntables, he found his passion in dance music while melding genres, eras, and turntable disciplines.

Since 2003, Jive has DJ’d the Bay Area’s largest clubs such as Ruby Skye, Mighty, Paradise Lounge, plus global events like Burning Man and Love Fest. In San Francisco, he is a resident DJ at Shine Dance Lounge for the FiX party, which is the most successful monthly party there since it opened its doors in 2005.

In 2006 Jive was asked to take over the global airwaves with his own radio show “JiveBeatz” for Nuskoolbreaks, which is the largest online break beat community in the world. He is currently producing original music with Sleevin’ Records, with plans to debut his own tracks for distribution.

If you ask Jive what his favorite music is, you will most likely get a perplexed look with the response…“When?”. If you as him to describe the music he has most fun DJing, he would tell you “Vocal infused break beat funk and hip-hop mash-up” because that’s when the dancers really start to move.