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    Sat 13th November 10 PM
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Frankie Casillas (a.k.a. Jinx) has been a fan of music ever since he can remember. He started breakdancing when he was seven. He would frequent roller rinks in his early teens and get down to those dope 80’s grooves in the dance contests. “I remember when we used to break out the cardboard and our parachute pants.” It wasn’t until his junior year in high school that he would be tranceformed into a techno loving junkie by those hard acid sounds he was introduce to at his first Moontribe gathering. He didn’t know it then, but that night was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with music.

The party scene was where Frankie and friends spent most of their weekends for the next few years. They would always find new friends and have great times. One day after a party, Frankies friend Randy, let him mix some of his old school techno. He instantly fell in love. Whether it was the excitement of matching that first beat, or the freedom of using his god given creativity, it was clear that he should develop his own style of mixing. It wasn’t long after that Frankie decided that he should buy turntables of his own. He immediately started saving uP Money and in the summer of 97’ he bought a pair of “top of the line” techniques and a mixer. Uh- oh! Now he’s a DJ.

Since then “Jinx” has been givin’ it to the public with his smooth and intelligent style of mixing. With his unique hybrid of acid driven house and wholehearted melodies, Jinx always does everything in his power to create a catchy groove to share with the audience. Over the past couple years Jinx has played at various clubs and raves and gotten great responses from all the listeners. He has also started a free desert party website, Karma9 with friends Eric and Shane. With many influences, including the legendary moontribe, Karma9 has been called “the new desert sound” by its followers. Jinx is also planning some projects in the future, although he wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, I strongly urge you to anticipate this young stallion’s next move!