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Jimmy Van M

Madrid, Spain

House, Techno

AKA: Jimmy Van Mallegham

99percentrecordings, Hope Recordings, Proton Music
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There are only a handful of people in the world who have the drive to tackle all of the work Jimmy Van M has done for electronic music. He’s talented, smart and creative. He’s got a great sense of humor and as a social DJ he’s not one to shy away from pictures with his fans. But above all that, he has an incredible knowledge and love for music. Since the inception of his career he’s had that passion that sets him apart from others. Over the last decade and a half few individuals could claim the type behind-the-scenes influence on American dance culture as Jimmy Van M. His tireless efforts can be credited with having helped advance electronic dance music throughout the North America, opening avenues for artistic expression in dance-clubs that did not previously exist before him and his very unique efforts.

Musically, he is hard to categorize as he is as comfortable with downtempo as he is with house and techno. On all of the projects he’s taken on he’s explored new sounds and styles, always looking for the next best thing. His strength as a DJ comes from the many years he’s had behind the decks. Since 1992 he’s invented his own vision and his own way of manipulating and delivering what crowds want at any time of the night, morning, or afternoon.

His seamless, yet effortless style has cemented him as one of the best DJ’s for starting the night off, which many will say about his days as a Twilo resident. It was here that Jimmy teamed up with Sasha and John Digweed to bring a new style of clubbing to the masses. A night of adventure became years of fun, which in turn became a tour. Delta Heavy was the first and only rockstar DJ Tour to take place in America with Jimmy as the warm-up. He eased everything into place perfectly, setting the mood with his finesse and finest tunes. As brilliant of a warm up DJ as he is, he still knows how to deliver peaktime slots in the biggest clubs around the world. His control and patience can be felt on the dancefloor as he brings the energy to a new place with each new record. He knows how to push and pull in all the right directions to send your body and mind into frenzy and back. Jimmy has also established himself as a gifted producer in the studio. Creating sounds with collaborators and friends that finds itself in the vast and varied range of house music.

As with the music he picks, the music he makes carries a complexity, sparkle and beauty in it. The time and effort he puts in to deliver the newest and most innovative projects best he can, takes the sort of creative originality that only Jimmy Van M possesses. When it comes to atmosphere, vibe and drive there are very few DJs that can stand alongside Jimmy Van M. Whether it’s putting together a cross-country tour, programming innovative and forward thinking dance music or DJing to thunderous masses anywhere from Buenos Aires to Tokyo he is one of the most characteristic performers to be found anywhere.