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Jimmy Slick

Nicosia, Cyprus


Fireworxx, Housevisions Records, Interlabel Records
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Jimmy Slick was born in 1979 in Cyprus. Jimmy has been interested in

drums since he was in early age, he met with music and underground

parties in London in 1996.

Jimmy settled London in 2000. In 2001 he began to be an amateur DJ and in

2005 he became a professional Dj. He continued being a Dj in London

and Cyprus. Jimmy, who was a dj mastered, took the stage in most famous

places in London and Cyprus. Jimmy who wants to start production in 2009,

,started to take music lessons from Tolga Ismail music teacher in Cyprus. He released his

first album from interlabel records whose owner is Jerry Ropero,in 2012 he’s took lessons from Richard Dinsdale. Dj Jimmy who continues being a Dj in London and Cyprus, he

still contines his production.