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Toulouse, France

House, Tech House

TIME Records, Wired, X List Records
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Through lands of wasted peoples and tormented users, the zig zag path leads towards the towering summit of the ill-reputed village of JFTH. Only a brave soul would enter here for sake of their minds and ears, as the ever rising crescendo of drums leave tongues hanging lose and an insatiable appetite for more.

JFTH is eccentric and sometimes a little bit crazy, but If you are wanting a party then look no further. There is no deception involved when JFTH arrives he is an honest guy, who says it how it is, no matter who you are. He loves music and he loves his job. He brings energy, he will transport the party into shape and play with all his heart to conjure fresh sounds. You will never witness JFTH mulling behind the turntables, he can often be witnessed fist pumping whilst simultaneously jumping and will leave having left a lasting memory.

JFTH is the acronym of “John from The Hill”. JFTH real name is Jean Bonnetat, he was brought up in a small village in the south of France at the top of a hill, a girl from a neighbouring village would call him the” boy from the hill”, the name stuck.

Here he learnt the drums from a young age. JFTH’s unquenchable thirst for the drums caused many a tormented year for his loved ones, but he ignored their cries for mercy in order that he could bring this distinct sound of drums which always play an essential element in all his tracks.

JFTH was classed as one of Frances youngest DJ’s, which was the beginning of the pursuit towards his true spirit. He pushed his own music to the foreground, to characterize and empower himself to attain a universal dimension.

JFTH has been summoned across land and seas to play in the UK for one of Brighton’s biggest after parties, “BLOW”. The reaction from the crowd for his unique style and charismatic performance meant that he became a permanent resident of the after party. His introduction into the UK was to prove a catalyst for his carrier.

JFTH joint signed “Ketamin Dance” and made “Jungle Dancing” with Enzo Siffredi. Shortly after this he released his first EP on the “Wired” label “Swing Pédale”, followed by his album “One Last Swing”. He has been producing tracks for Alle Farben and is in the process of producing a new ep for wired. JFTH is a founding member of the infamous Minimal Kids movement; of which he has been resident since its beginning in 2008, this spells further excitement for his future.

JFTH wants you to revel in yourself and the others around you. He wants you to let go. He wants to smash the party, to take you somewhere new.