There couldn’t be a more perfect name than Jester for one of Montreal’s most talented DJs and upcoming producers (aka Steve Blais). Holding court at some of Montreal’... read more
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There couldn’t be a more perfect name than Jester for one of Montreal€™s most talented DJs and upcoming producers (aka Steve Blais). Holding court at some of Montreal’s most prestigious dance events and clubs, Jester is renowned for entertaining and captivating the kings and queens of Montreal’s highly critical and competitive nightlife scene. Spinning an upbeat, joyous brand of house that blends tribal, electro and progressive sounds with jazz, funk and soul references, Jester’s sexy sound is a distinctive reflection of Montreal’s vibrant diversity. Combining the best of the Americas and Europe, Jester possesses an international flare and panache that has heated up dance floors around the world. This charming and suave gentleman may be considered an up-and-coming ‘young gun’ on the international circuit but he’s got 19 years of solid experience under his belt.

A longtime favorite of Montrealers, Jester is a regular at the city’s top crowd pleasers like the annual Black & Blue, Divers/Cité and Bal En Blanc events. In 2004 he played a very special set for devoted local fans and dazzled visitors attending Divers/Cité, Montreal’s Pride festival, which attracted more than 60, 000 visitors from across North America and the world. For this exceptional performance the ever innovative DJ and producer collaborated with a string quartet from the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, a 4-piece choir, a conductor and composer of contemporary classical music, and renowned vocalist Stephane Moraille (Bran Van 3000) to create a truly magical and unique experience. Jester’s relationship with the Black & Blue, an event that attracts over 15, 000 people from across North America and Europe, began in 1999 when he played a dazzling and enchanting chill out set in the lounge. Ever since he has been a featured artist at the organizer’s events and has established himself as a preferred artist at virtually every gay event and club in the Montreal, as well as being a local favorite at mixed after-hours and more intimate clubs. An influential figure in the bustling, competitive Montreal scene, he’s spun at some of the city’s most influential clubs including Playground – which gave birth to Montreal’s now legendary after-hours scene – and the internationally reputed Stereo. Along the way he has shared the turntables with names like Danny T., Deep Dish, Peter Rauhofer, Victor Calderone, David Morales, Oscar G, Erick Morillo, Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto, to name a few.

It was inevitable that Montreal would be forced to share Jester’s talent with the rest of the world. After tearing up the dance-floor and impressing bookers with his dynamic set at Montreal’s MEG festival in 2001, he was invited to play in France. He’s manned the turntables at respected nightclubs in France like le Queen in Paris, le 4 Sans in Bordeaux, and ‘la fête de la musique’ in Brive. His international gigs include playing with Juan Atkins in Lima, Peru for Halloween 2002. Dates in France and South America in 2004 supported the release of his first track on Tidalwav Records, The Moon. The Moon is co-produced with Neonstar (aka Stereomovers) and the 12’ features remixes by Stereomovers and Alain Vinet. Taking things to the next level, he has recently completed a saucy remix of Samantha Fox’s ‘Naughty Girl’ with his partner Tang that is due to be released as part of a collection of remixes of Fox’s greatest hits (release date to be confirme).

One of the true voices of Montreal’s house music underground, Jester’s local popularity is richly deserved. It’s only a matter of time before Montrealers ‘lose’ the city’s worst kept secret to touring, in the same way that Misstress Barbara, Fred Everything, Sultan and Tiga are now constantly on the road exporting their variations of the ‘Montreal sound.’ Jester’s deeply sexy and hypnotically rhythmic sets seduce strangers and old flames alike setting us aflame with joyous energy. This Jester rules the dance-floor and creates loyal subjects wherever he spins.

Jester’s History

Bal en Blanc 2001: Erick Morrillo, Kevin Yost, Sandy Rivera, Baby Hec Romero(SAW Recording), Dave Clarke, Misstress Barbara

Bal en Blanc 2000: Deep Dish(Yoshitoshi), Danny Tenaglia, Peter Rauhofer, Kevin Yost

Bal en Blanc 1999 (Montreal): Danny Tenaglia, Peter Rauhofer, David Knapp(Miami)

Black & Blue 1999 (Montreal): Abel, Victor Calderone, Mark Anthony (Mtl.)

BBCM Red Party 2000 (Montreal):Tom Stephan(Superchumbo)

BBCM Hot & Dry 2001 (Montreal): Prince Quick Mix, Stereomovers(Mtl.)

BBCM Bal des Boys 2001(Montreal): James Anderson(N.Y. – Roxy, Limelight)

Atomic 1998 (Ottawa): Martin Villeneuve (Tao, Yoshitoshi)

Newtown 2001 (Montreal): Saeed & Palash(Addictive Records)

MEG 2001: Montreal Electronique Groove

Newtown 2001 (Montreal): Kevin Yost(i! Records)

Surface 1999 (Ottawa): Stereomovers (Mtl.-Tidalwav Records, Tao Rec.)

BBCM Hot & Dry 2002 (Montreal):Alison Marks(London, The Laundry), Andy Morris(London, KISS FM)

Queen June 2002 (Paris, France)

Nouveau Casino July 2002 (Paris, France)

Le 4 sans June 2002 (Bordeaux, France): (June 2002 Saturdays – Sven Vath, Dave Clarke, Jack de Marseille, Jester, Silicone Soul)

La Fête De La Musique June 2002 (Brive, France): DJ Rolando(U.R., Detroit)

Teatriz (Lima, Peru) : Juan Atkins(Detroit)

BBCM Red Party 2003: Antoine 909 (London UK- club Crash, London & Paris)

Divers/Cité (Montreal GAY PRIDE 2003): Angel Moraes (N.Y., Montreal)

Bal En Blanc’s 10th anniversary April 2004 (Montreal): (Peter Rauhofer, Deep Dish, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, DJ Preach)

Red Lite April 2004 to’. (Montreal): DJ Disciple (Red Lite monthly resident; N.Y.)

Gravity May 2004 (Montreal): Miss Honey Dijon(N.Y.)

Red Lite June 2004 (Montreal): Smokin’ Jo(U.K.)

Red Lite June 2004 (Montreal): Jerry Bonham(S.F.)

Red Lite July 2004 (Montreal): Sandy Rivera-K.O.T(N.Y.)

Divers/Cité (Montreal GAY PRIDE 2004): (with local dj’s)

Red Lite October 2004 (Montreal): Erick Morillo

Red Lite November 2004 (Montreal): Oscar G (MURK), Stephan Grondin(Mtl)

Score March 24 2005 (Miami, South Beach) : Benni Benassi, DJ Desciple, Mark Anthony(Mtl)

Bal En Blanc 11th anniversary March 27 2005: Deep Dish, Peter Rohaufer, David Morales, Tiesto, Benni Benassi(Ita.), DJ Preach(Mtl)

Unity II July 2005 (Montreal): Peter Rauhofer

Red Lite July 2005 (Montreal): Armand Van Helden

Nectar Bar September 2005 (Cancun, Mexico): Cesar Romero(Chili)

Red Lite December 2005 (Montreal): Erick Morillo

Red Lite New Year Eve 2006 (Montreal): Armin Van Buuren(Hollande)

Red Lite 11th anniversary April 2006 (Montreal): Junior Jack(USA), Kid Creme(USA)

Parking April 2006(Bal En Blanc week, Montreal): David Guetta & Claude Monnet(France)