Top 50k on The DJ List

Jessica Partin

Houston, United States

Minimal, Tech House


Jessica Partin started her DJ career over 12 years ago with an unconventional background in music: no formal training, early influences of British post-punk and new wave, a stint as a punk band’s lead vocalist, and adolescence during the height of 90s rave culture.

She has since become a key figure in Houston?s underground dance scene, known for a bold mixing style and sets that fuse edgy techno, minimal, house, and experimental sounds with a female sense of aesthetics. Jessica is one of the Manifesto DJs and currently holds a monthly residency, PULSE, at Dean’s. In 2008, she was a finalist in the Houston Press DJ Spin Off, and later that year performed at an official DEMF after-party in Detroit. Jessica frequently DJs live on FM Radio in Houston (MK-ULTRA | KTRU) and has been showcased on Proton (as Featured Artist), Frisky, and Clubxsession (France) with well received mixes that have also received airtime on Ibiza Global Radio. She has a solid history of residencies and events, and has opened for artists like Ryan Crosson, Fairmont, Popnoname, and Richie Hawtin.

Jessica recently entered the production realm, and collaborating with John Osorio, the duo submitted their Hypno-Dub remix of Elektrochemie’s “Mucky Star” for a remix competition; and also completed the original production “Synaptik”, a gritty minimal dub track. Be on the lookout for more in 2009!

Whether an underground warehouse party, packed nightclub, laidback lounge, or a sophisticated special event, Jessica Partin brings passion for her craft and a high quality level of professionalism. Her experience, never ending quest for new sounds, and travels have all lent to an impeccable taste and a keen ear for music ahead of the curve.