Jesse Beatport




Reticent Recordings

Dj/Artist/Label Manager

A music fanatic and a beat junkie who was captured by mix tapes of Slam at the Arches in Glasgow has been involved in the dance culture scene at every level.


Promoting events was just the beginning for Jesse as he soon came to realize his passion for the overwhelming expression of music through the format of DJing. Having a close friend in DJ Lochd Grooves allowed him to learn the fundamentals of mixing, locking and understanding records. A solid foundation in the fundamentals has allowed Jesse to create his own unique style.

A milestone in Jesse’s career came when he performed on New Years Eve before Tone Depth to a crowd of 5000+. There have been numerous appearances on Global Grooves FM with DJ Lochd Grooves that have helped shape what is now.

Engulfed by DJing, Jesse became motivated in entertainment production to showcase artists; such as Dave Angel and Kevin Saunderson. Networks with artists and labels such as [email protected] and [email protected] music were established, but creating his own label/roster of artists was the real challenge. Nascent Recordings was created with Neil Evans and Ross Hasswell in the UK to meet this challenge. However, the participation with the label/roster group was short lived but instrumental in building the future relationship with Fred Gabelmann and Drew Whiteted aka Reticent. In the fall of 2002, a bond with Reticent developed out of mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work and position in the industry. Now, in 2006, Jesse is heavily involved as the artist management for Reticent Radio and Reticent Recordings.


There are three notable experiences which were influential in Jesse’s style of music. First, being at Bedrock for special events; such as, its annual b-day and dj of the year awards with vast amounts friends and colleagues. It is like WMC under one roof. Second, there were countless nights out to see Derrick Carter and DJ Sneak Hold residencies at Industry in Toronto along side other renowned artists. And finally, the smart uninterrupted craftsmanship of Sasha and John Digweed from the very first to the very last records played has left immeasurable memories.

These influences had lead to his self-described music style as “crafty house music” that is “genre crossing”. “I really enjoy tracks that challenge conventional sounds, are intelligent and not music by numbers”. An array of house, techno and progressive sounds are always evident in his sets. He strives to exhibit his mixing capabilities while highlighting the ability of different sounds to intermingle.


From the beginning, the idea has been to create live remixes, rather than simply mixing in and mixing out. The purpose is to create interchangeable sounds using well-known songs. In the past with the restriction of 2 to 4 turntables, exhaustive amount of work was required to gain this type of feel. Now technology has removed previous limits allowing him to fully express his creativity. Jesse is using an Allen Heath XONE3D along with Traktor3 for all his shows and providing an unforgettable unique experience. With artist such as Paul Van Dyke using the XONE3D as well it has helped bring attention to the growing number of artists pushing forward.

Being manager of the label and having increasing responsibilities has allowed him to shine with the international dance community. Providing a professional and healthy place for artists to showcase their works has helped with others wanting to be apart of Reticent.

While performing and pleasing crowds, Jesse is putting together the beginning of a long production works catalogue. Along side Fred Gabelmann they make up TYRO and have had successful releases this far. The most obvious being “Freezeland” that has been dropped by a vast amount of djs globally. With that never being enough he has completed the follow up with “God Comita”and his remix with Fred Gabelmann forthcoming on Reticent. Jesse will Working to put Reticent on everyone’s minds will be the long challenge that he is accepted and motivated to do. With the continuous support and a quality product he hopes on achieving this goal.

This evolution of technology is reflected in his show called Changes on, a weekly radio broadcasts.

Making great music for a night out with friends and or at home is what drives Jesse.