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This is it, this is now. Cause this is all, you can have it. If you just listen to the soul, you become. Cause Im crying out, to every corner of the Earth. Why cant we live as one? In Ohm.

JES: Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Artist and the reigning “Queen of Rocktronica"

With two 1 Billboard Dance Airplay songs under her belt, “Imagination,” and Motorcycle’s “As The Rush Comes,” and being the only female artist chosen for the Coke WE8 project, this Dance Diva’s track record has solidified her status and one of the most sought after vocalist and songwriters in Electronic Dance Music today. Whether, it is a collaboration with Tiesto, BT, Airscape, Dfuse, Solorstone, Deepsky or her own artist projects such as her debut album, DISCONNECT and the follow-up chill-out/electro acoustic album, INTO THE DAWN, JES shows that her utterly unique style, incorporating elements of rock with dance music, is a crowd pleaser. Besides the release of her third album HIGHGLOW, slated for Fall 2009, JES will be releasing a few special collaborations with some of EDM’s elite and showcasing her talents to a broader audience with the incorporation a full band into her already compelling on-stage live performances.


Jes was born and raised in NYC.

Jes studied piano and and began writing songs when she was 10.

Jes recorded her very first song at the age of 15 called “Wasted On Your Love.”

Jes has two solo CDs released “Disconnect” and ”Into the Dawn."

Jes was part of the group Motorcycle and had the Huge Classic hit “As the Rush Comes.”

Jes has been on many of Tiesto’s "In Search of Sunrise Cd’s and was signed to his label Black Hole Recordings in 2005 with “Like a Waterfall.”

Jes has collaborated with many DJ/Producers since the year 2000 and her underground hit "Starchildren "was included on Paul Van Dyk’s “Politics of Dancing.”

Jes opened for Tiesto for the “Element’s of Life” tour In front of crowds as large as 28,000 people!

She tours the world continuously currently promoting her 1 Billboard hit “Imagination” and new release with Airscape called “My Love.”

Jes is working on her new album, “Highglow,” slated for release in Fall 2009.