Location: Bath, United States United States
Genre: Hip-Hop


Language: English


Contrary to popular opinion, being a deejay is a lot more than just pressing play. It takes raw talent to be able to command a room, whether its 20 people or 20,000 people. Jerzy was born with that ability.

Jerzy’s musical journey as a deejay & radio personality began through years of collecting, practicing and honing in on his musical expertise. His passion for music began before the days of CDs (and gasp- iPods); back when Jerzy would hold the microphone of a Casio recorder up to a boom box to tape-record mixes. He has not looked back and has been perfecting his craft ever since.

He began his radio career on one of Chicago’s top radio stations, B96, at the age of 21, making him one of the station’s youngest on-air personalities. Jerzy was still considered jailbait as he snuck into venues to host and promote various parties and events. It was through his networking and overall enthusiastic demeanor that led him from an internship at B96 to his current slot as an on-air personality.

Through his work on the radio and strong dedication to his craft, Jerzy’s recognition has developed from being ‘just another deejay’ to a skilled turntablist. He has been the talent of choice for A-List celebrities such as Michael Bay and Jeremy Piven and invited to spin alongside internationally known musicians like Justin Bieber, Mike Posner, and Pitbull.

Qualifying him as somewhat of a triple threat, his multi-faceted radio, production, and deejay titles are just the building blocks of a resume that reads like a portfolio of someone who has been in the business for decades

Whether he is spinning records for the hottest venues, known charities, or Fortune 500 companies, Jerzy continues to establish himself in an industry that changes faster than Lady Gaga’s outfits. Jerzy will soon be the deejay you partied with last night while you tell your best friend you knew him before they did.



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