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After being ranked 141st best global DJ in 2011 and having a track compiled with superstars DJs/Producers (Afrojack, Swedish House Mafia, Erick Morillo, Agoria, Robbie Rivera) Jerome Ferra imposes himself as an international artist and outstrips Adèle hit ‘’Set Fire To The Rain’’ in the charts thanks to his track ‘’Funky’’ in collaboration with Hugo Gracowski. Praised by many radios, the track has been broadcasted up to New York and defying the trends of the moment, it has stayed in the charts for 6 months.

His residency at the Pacha Group for three years brings him into the very closed circle of DJs performing in Ibiza. He reaches the status of rising star of the House/Electro scene and goes on many tracks ranked #1 of charts. He collaborates in 2013 with Alexandra Miller, new star since her participation in the TV show ‘’The Voice’’ of Ireland, and releases the highly acclaimed ‘’Digital’’. « Producing a track with voices coupled with a talented singer has been for me a very constructive experience » says Jerome.

With over 10 years of experience counting prestigious cities like Rome, Marrakech, Paris, Valencia, Ibiza, Cannes or Monaco, he tries his luck in Miami during the Winter Music Conference of 2013 and performs in live with his electric guitar alongside with the famous guitarist FredH in front of 3000 overexcited people. « Awesome and intense » he says by going off stage.

Jerome Ferra takes this opportunity to refine his style and skills, he exports himself and performs on three different scenes which turn him into a complete artist. He can now play Soulful/JackinHouse, House/Techouse and Progressive/ElectroHouse. From new trendy EDM clubbers to Underground steadfast purist of House and Techno, and even Disco/Funky Jet Set people, he raises enthusiasm at each appearance and gains in recognition and popularity. « I think that we should not hang on to a single style because it’s boring, it’s an immense pleasure that to be able to perform on different scenes. I must be some kind of little bit crazy chameleon » he says amused.

Absolute must in today’s music industry, Jerome extends his business and takes over the artistic direction of Barbecue Records label which is producing many emerging talents like Paul Vinx, Mr Electronicvein, Killagroove or Ufreq. The independent label is gradually making itself a place in the sector and Jerome decides to give it an additional boost by releasing there his first album ‘’Sample Your Addiction’’. The album made up of original melodies as well as numerous samples meets a great success and sees itself ranked on Beatport and Juno. « Much of today’s stars make use of ghost producers and simply put their name on the cover. For my part I have composed, mixed and mastered my album from A to Z despite the use of some royalty-free samples, but they are made for that, aren’t they? » responds Jerome to some critics.

More and more popular, Jerome Ferra decides to ‘’attack’’ in 2014 the farthest terrestrial continent, Australia. He makes more than 60 dates totaling over 40,000 people and runs through to prestigious nightclubs like Home Nightclub (Australia’s biggest multi-level Superclub) and Burdekin (Sydney’s best Underground nightclub). This Australian experience has definitely brought him to maturity, « I am now ready for something bigger, I want to open myself to a wider audience and give him what he expects from me ».

With four continents under his belt, Jerome is going to expand his popularity, « I grew up and gained experience, I want to produce music in line with what I live today, to please the greatest number while keeping my personality » currently in studio, he prepares many tracks Electro and Techouse for 2015, some of which are intended to major distribution.