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Now a Minnesota transplant, Jerome Baker was born and bred in Chicago. He first destroyed dancefloors not in the DJ booth, but actually ON the dancefloors, slamming in some of Chicago’s infamous “pits”.

While he loved DJ’s like Ron Hardy and Andre Hatchett, he found himself drawn to DJ’s like Armando, Lil Louis and DJ Rush because they had a harder edge. He sites Lil Louis’s “Blackout Phase II Remix” as the song that sealed the deal on him being a trackhead. He says, "the Blackout remix to me, is the best track ever made. Period. Nothing before or since spoke to me the way Phase II did.

Jerome Bakers early music reflected that raw, relentless aggression of the “pits”. In the late 90’s under the monikers DJ Boris, Lord Damien, and Dorian Baker, Jerome released ep’s on labels like Relief Records, Farris Wheel, and Creation Rebel. With his periodic releases, from hard house bangers like “Apocolypse” on Relief Records to Disco house groovers like “Ain’t No” on Farris Wheel, and DJ sets that some say rivaled the headliners on the bill, Jerome built a strong underground buzz in the midwest US yet he seemed content to travel below the radar of the mainstream.

Then in 2000, just as he began to make a name for himself, he turned and quietly walked away. When asked, his only explanation was “I wasn’t ready mentally, and I refused to get up in front of a crowd and not be ready”. Jerome went on a spiritual trek that landed him in Minneapolis, and there is where his quest to “get himself ready” began.

After a long hiatus, Jerome Baker burst back onto the scene in late 2006, feeling “ready” and armed with a musical style all his own. His dancefloor destroying debut ep, “Relentless Muzik Vol. 1”, triumphantly announced not only his return to music but also his return to Chicago powerhouse Relief Records. “Relentless Muzik” was played and charted by some of Technos most respected DJ’s like Carl Cox, Green Velvet, DJ Rush, DJ Bone, Cari Lekebusch and Ben Sims just to name a few.

Determined not to loose steam going into the new year, Jerome kicked it off in early 2007 with the follow up to Vol. 1, "RM Vol. 2 “Cut From A Different Cloth”, featuring the smash ’Bout to Party", which tore up dancefloors all year and was featured on Techno heavyweight Dan Curtins mix cd “Mindin Business” part 2. Jerome Bakers hunger and unique production style was quickly noticed by his peers, which led to remix duty for The Tattoo Detectives, Roman Zowadny, and Simon Heartfield.

Also aligned with his best friend and music partner James Hammer under the name Bangers & Nash, the two released a scorching ep on Random Access Recordings featuring the track “After Chicago Remix”, which was played and charted by Dave Clarke on his Whitenoise radio program in the Uk.

Jerome Baker continued throughout 2007 to release some of the most energetic, genre melding Techno to be released in a long time. Just listening to his releases on Relief, Mixtape, Reldz, and Teggno, you hear an artist not afraid to merge elements of his first love, House tracks, with the energy and driving bass of hard Techno and create a sound all his own.

Going into 2008, Jerome Baker has cemented his place in the upper echelon of new artists breaking onto the scene. With a bunch of new tracks slated to drop throughout the year he feels he is now “ready” to take the dancefloors to new heights. DJing for Techno crazed masses is all Jerome Baker thinks about now, and he knows the masses are ready for him as well.