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Jeremy Rowlett

Little Rock, United States

Progressive House, Trance

Mistique Dream
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Born 1987 in Monticello, Arkansas and raised in Wilmar; a small town of roughly 1000 residents just 8 miles west of Monticello. Growing up in this southern setting was at times depressing. There wasn’t much for children in the community. But through the love and compassion of his christian family his life was always full of joy and life long lessons of hard work and moral standing.

Music was always something Jeremy had been fascinated about but didn’t understand for a couple of years he let go of the desire to know. Then an opportunity was given presented to him as he entered the 5th grade. A chance to be apart of his school’s concert band. Realizing the quality in this opportunity and having always wanted to learn to play music, he presented the offer to his parents and soon joined. As a child he was exposed to lots of southern sounds such as blues, gospel, hip-hop and R&B, so this influenced his first instrument of choice; the saxophone. From then, started a chain reaction. New doors were opened for him. His knowledge of music and its concepts were reaching horizons he had never dreamed. A total of 7 years was spent learning composition, playing live concerts in school and in various other schools and towns around the state and surrounding states. During this time he decided to expand his knowledge even further than required by getting to know various other instruments as well such as, tenor, soprano and bass saxophones, the piano, trumpet, single snare and drum set. After experimenting and learning these various instruments, something was still missing within himself. Although he grew up with certain southern sounds around him, he explored music further and found a love for more genres such as classical, new age, alternative rock, metal, industrial and many more.

The millennium came and he registered for a technology class called EASTlab (Environmental and Spatial Technology) as an elective. Already owning a computer and having a love for technology and gadgets, this class seemed to be yet again, another door for him. He took this class for 4 consecutive years. He worked on several web design projects and computer maintenance issues. Along the line of software he was introduced to he ran across a sequencer known as Fruity Loops. This was the musical touch he was looking for. He soon acquired the program and began learning its features and understanding the concept of making electronic music. Mimicking hip-hop beats and soon coming up with his own beats.

From 2002 to 2004, he produced beats for local hip-hop groups and was getting very little pay but some well appreciated local exposure and respect. Realizing aside from the money issue, the sound wasn’t what he wanted to be recognized for as a whole and the lyricists soon stopped working with him. Late 2002, He was introduced to electronic music through a long time friend of his in school taking the EASTlab course. He acquired DJ Tiestos In Search of Sunrise compilation discs and later compilations from Oakenfold, Nick Warren, Sasha & John Digweed. Aside from these huge influential jocks, some of the producers that stood out for him was Max Graham, Perry O’Neil, James Holden, Timo Mass and many more because of the atmospheres, textures and overall moods they produced. He then started to mimic the beats and sounds he heard until a sound of his own started to evolve.

Having learned to play the drums and having a love for metal music, he made other musician friends and soon joined a band titled INA in 2005 , which had well local support playing live shows around the state and exclusive local sessions. After a few years Jeremy realized that there were artistic boundaries within the band and one person wanted control over that boundary. The band broke up in late 2006. And Jeremy moved on to focus on what he loved most; music production. In early 2005, he started an alias called Solarrain which saw no releases but got radio support from Chris Chambers on his Elevated Progressive show on This break through, made him realize the potential in his work. Even though, trance was the direction he was trying to push for, a more progressive sound seemed to be emerging from his work. Since then, he’s been hard at work, coming up with a more progressive sound but never ruling out the trance like atmospheres.

On top of learning production, in early 2006 he decided to become more involved in music. Having a fascination with live performing and the music his heart seemed to take to, DJ-ing was something he always wanted to do. He soon bought his first set of digital CDJs and began practicing.

Since then, he’s also been racking in promos and working the decks, doing various guest mixes with some fellow friend DJs locally and across the globe such as Lagrom (Space Garden) from Germany, Faruk Sabanci from Turkey, Elmin Ferati from Switzerland and Daniel Hairston from the U.S. Look out for many more radio appearances to come.