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You may recognise him for his DJ appearances at top nights around the globe, or have heard of him through his sell out Fantazia compilations, or know him as the musical genius behind world class designer, Galliano’ shows. Either way, Jeremy Healy is living up to his reputation as one of the most sought after DJ’ in the UK having been voted number one DJ by both The Face magazine and Mixmag.

Jeremy first came into the public eye during 1982/3 as a member of the chart duo Haysi Fantaysi and as a sign of things to come, was already looking for a new challenge when the group’ first album was released. This was the first time that Jeremy started to DJ on a regular basis, using the London club, The Circus, as the venue to influence the capital’ music scene. Jeremy’ passport now reads like an atlas, his DJ talent taking him all over the world.

Behind Jeremy Healy, DJ extraordinare, is a much sought after producer. Jeremy achieved his first number one hit with Haysi Fantaysi. While establishing himself as one of the UK’ finest jingle producers, Jeremy worked on rnany many TV and cinema commercials with clients including Levis, Pepsi, BA and Kodak, picking up numerous music awards along the way. In addition to this, he produced and underscored the sound effects for the Duran Duran feature film Arena.

Jeremy and long time friend and collaborator of four years, Amos, have released two hugely successful singles from their previous signing to Positiva. Their first hit Argentina was performed on Top of the Pops and reached the top 20 while Stamp stormed to the top 10. They have also successfully collaborated on remix projects for the likes of George Michael, Eve Gallagher, Reel to Real, Boy George and Jam + Spoon.

An old friend of John Galliano, Jeremy often finds himself with a much prettier crowd during the fashion shows in Paris, New York and London where the super models strut their stuff to his music on the Galliano and Dior catwalks. Following the success of these shows he has acted as music collaborator for both Versace, Jigsaw, Katherine Hamneff and Vivienne Westwood.

Jeremy remains in constant demand across the globe. From his hugely successful Fantazia compilation that sold over 300 000, 10 a schedule most DJs would die for, he remains the darling of the dance floor’ most revered clubs. Known as the most flamboyant party DJ, he combines pumping club tunes with records that are destined for commercial success, the very tracks that would destroy any other DJ’ credibility except for Jeremy Healy.

Jeremy’ future looks very bright with a forthcoming album deal with BMG and his producing partner Amos AKA Bleachin’ A highly unique concept for this album will also be unveiled in a distinctly Jeremy and Amos promotional campaign. What can be said at this stage is that this new concept is seriously hot with BMG predicting Bleachin’ to be one of their most successful dance records.