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Jen Mas

New York, United States

Hardcore / Hard Techno

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Jen Mas is the leading lady of hard dance music in North America. Founder of the Vitus crew, she’s maintained a strong electronic music scene presence for over a decade, and has an invariably growing fan base that spans the globe. Known for her lightning fast mixing and scratching abilities, she continues to impress audiences everywhere with her fast-paced DJ sets and mind-blowing track selections. While she’s best known for playing hardcore and hardstyle, she also rocks many other genres including house, tech-house, electro, fidget, schranz, drum and bass, 80’s dance and more. She has proven time and again that she is a DJ without boundaries, and has raised the bar when it comes to showmanship on the decks.

Since her start in the scene, Jen has kept herself completely immersed in her music endeavors. Her fascination and connection to music and rhythm stems from her earliest days, making sounds with every toy she could get her hands on, along with having been classically trained in piano and of course her lifelong hobby of collecting records and tracks. Music has always been her fuel and passion of life, and that still holds very true today. Plus, her involvement in the music scene has always been a personal thing for her, and she embraces every connection she’s made with her friends and fans on and off the dance floor.

The energy transference that takes place when she hits the decks is a rare gift that she is happy to share and it is something that cannot be explained with words. Her performances are not only unique, but uplifting, fulfilling, and entertaining on a level few have experienced before. She will dance, sing, and jump along with you, and every set will tell a fun and exciting story. You will feel the music in new ways, both physically and emotionally, if you open yourself to what she has to offer.

Voted one of the top 20 female DJs in the world by Shejay magazine and playing countless shows across the country for years, Jen has proven that she is a renown artist who is here to stay. She’s one of the heavy hitters representing the New York City electronic scene, right behind the original hardcore masters Lenny Dee, Omar Santana, and Delirium, to name a few. And that is no easy task, as hardcore has often been an underrated and misunderstood genre. But her drive and dedication to pushing the sound along with her innate ability to infect you with her music has turned many people onto it which in turn has helped the genre get more recognition in America. Her fascination with variety and vast musical interests are the driving forces behind her unique DJ approach, and her diverse sets are always an exhilarating aural experience, whether or not the partygoers are hard dance music fans. And with her unrelenting willingness to learn and affinity for self-improvement and change, she hopes to continue opening minds and pushing her artistry to new levels as a DJ and producer.

As if all that wasn’t enough, she still finds time to remain true to her promoter roots by continuing to organize events and mentoring others to do the same in her area. Her crew Vitus is not only exploding with talent, but they are a contributing factor to the ongoing success of the NYC electronic scene. So keep your eye out for many more exciting projects to come from her and her crew for many years to come!