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Jeff Mills

Chicago, United States

House, Techno

Axis, Axis Records, J.Mills
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Born in 1963 in Detroit, Jeff Mills started DJing in 1987. He started creating his own music in 1989. He formed a Techno unit, Underground Resistance with Mike Banks, aka MAD MIKE, in 1990. His record has been released under a several names including X-101.

After leaving Underground Resistance, he establised his own label, AXIS based in Chicago. As one of the most talented and popular DJs, he spends much time touring and performing in Europe and UK.

He established a new label, PURPOSE MAKER, in 1996, in which he approaches and challenges Techno music at a different level.

Jeff Mills is known for playing 30 to 50 disks within an hour – truly a unique DJ style. This is because he tries his best to get the cream of every record and only plays the part he feels is the best part of each tune.

He believes that DJ’ need to listen to the music carefully, and be a medium for the record consumer. For some strange reason, he does not consider himself a DJ.