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Background: In 1975 Jeff was produced by his parents in Warsaw Poland, moved to Sweden in 1981 and has been living in Malmoe Sweden since then. Jeff, who was formerly... read more
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Location: Malmö, Sweden Sweden
Genre: Minimal, Techno
Labels: 3rd Wave Music, Alfaritam, Angry Monkey Productions, Arabica, Avatara, Beat Maniacs, Beatmodul Records, Destroy The Ego, Dorigen, Dpress Industries, EpsilonLab, EQ Grey, Evasive Records, FROSTY MUSIC, High Definition Records, Illegal Ninja Moves, Jamayka Recordings, KGBeats, Kgbeats Records, Kickin Records, Kindred Sounds, King Fu, Kung Fu Dub Recordings, Laka-Tosh, Laus Music, Low Battery Recordings, Luxury Grooves, Malatoid Records, Manual Music, Minimo Imprint, Night Drive Music, OM Records, Plastic City, Plastic City. Play, Poker Flat, Poker Flat Recordings, Progrezo Records, Proton Music, Pulsewith, Regular, S-Sens Records, Sensei, Shrimps and Chips Music, SK Supreme Records, SNEJL, Soundz, Spinifex Records, Strom, Stupendous, Tanzbar digital, Thoughtless Music, Treibstoff, Tronic Soundz, Tulipa Recordings, UTC music, Velcro, Velcro House, Wiggle Records


Language: English


In 1975 Jeff was produced by his parents in Warsaw Poland, moved to Sweden in 1981 and has been living in Malmoe Sweden since then.

Jeff, who was formerly called Mike Pung, has been involved in electronic music since 1992. But it all began as a bedroom thing that has evolved into a habit since then.

He started to create music in 1994 and got hooked on it directly, but it took until 1998 before his first single was to come out on his own label Maskros Music.

Since that single he has released over 45 singles on labels like Poker flat, Episode, Treibstoff, Intrinsic design, Konvex Konkav, Jamayka, Morris audio, regular etc.

The first album by Jeff Bennett got released in the beginning of the summer 2003 on Episode.

In 1994 Jeff and a partner opened a record store called Cosmic One Records that became the first electronic record store in Malmoe. With the opening of the record store Jeff’s DJ career got a boost and he started playing at various venues.

A year after the store was opened Jeff & his record store partner Jim Groovy started to organize their own one-off parties and clubs in various sizes. His longest residency was in a house club called Thank God It’s Friday, where he played almost every Friday for over a year. He has played at clubs & parties like: Fabric (London), Otto Zutz (The edge, Barcelona), Fusion festival 2002 (Germany), Ostgut (Berlin), Terry’s cafe (Frankfurt), PolarTV (Berlin), Barracca (Spain), The Loft (Spain), Supperclub (Amsterdam) and many more…..

In 1996 Jeff & Jim started their first label Azurite records. Jeff started his own label Maskros Music in 1998 and in the year 2000 he added two new labels called Phunctional & Kung fu dub. The only label that is still alive from that era is Kung Fu dub, which has recently been frozen up from its 3 year sleep with some nice upcoming releases and remixes.


The earliest influences came from Detroit people like Derrick May, Juan Atkins & Kevin Saunderson, but also from Richie Hawtin’s label Plus 8 and the artist there like Speedy J, Kenny Larkin etc.

Europe also had a big impact on him with artists like Stefan Roberts, 808 state, KLF, dreadzone, Terry lee brown Junior, Tikiman & labels like Plastic city, Poker Flat, SVEK, Circulation, early Network releases + many more.

Also a lot of reggae & dub artist like Augustus Pablo, Lee Perry, Mad Professor, Andy Horace, King Tubby, Barrington levy + many more.


After moving on from the record store Jeff decided to move to Oslo/ Norway for new inspirations. After 6 months in Norway the path towards Malmoe/ Sweden was once again the choice and this is the base of Jeff’s whereabouts until further.

A new album is in the making at the moment, release date is set to May 2005.

A couple of 12" are also to be released this year on labels like: Middle rec, Ibizaloopsound, Dorigen, KGBeats, Zebra3, Sensei + more?!?!..

Apart from the dance music Jeff Bennett is also into producing Lounge music and has recently finished recording an Lounge/ Downbeat album for Deeplay Music/ Just Chillin records and is due for release in September 2004.

And of course being a DJ as well, brings a lot of inspiration & impressions to ones music from all the different places he visits creating new vibes and sounds…..


Some clubs and festivals Jeff has appeared at:

Fabric (London)

Polar TV (Berlin)

Streetparade 2003 Club Aera (Zürish)

Otto zutz (Barcelona)

The loft (Barcelona)

Observatori festival (Valencia)

Rashdeque (North Spain)

Fusion Festival 2002 & 2003 (Germany)

Terrys cafe / Room 106 (Frankfurt)

Ostgut (Berlin)

Luftkastellet (Copenhagen)

Barracca (Spain)

Supperclub (Amsterdam)

Amsterdam Dance Event (Holland)

Miami Winter Music Conference (USA)

Selected Discography: 45+ totally

12’ Jeff Bennett vs Kriece: 1986 Davis cup EP (Eukatech/UK)

12’ Jeff Bennett ’ Materials’ (Dorigen/UK)

12’ Jeff Bennett ’ Codes EP ’ (Sensei/UK)

mp3 single Jeff Bennett ’ Freedom of dub ’ (Kung fu dub/Swe)

12’ Jeff Bennett ’ Signposts ’ (Weekend/Spa)

12’ Jeff Bennett – Sitting bull (Hi-phen/Bel)

12’ Jeff Bennett/Swat/Pheek – Various titles (Pulsewith/Spa)

12’ Jeff Bennett ’ Approaches ’ (Alfaritam/Cro)

12" Jeff Bennett Future spell (Laus rec/UK)

12" Jeff Bennett ’ Wise rise (Sensei/UK)

12’ Jeff Bennett ’ Follow the roots ’ (Treibstoff/Ger)

12’ Jeff Bennett ’ Discoveries EP (EQ Stomp/Aus)

12’ Jeff Bennett ’ Passages EP (Worship/US)

CD Jeff Bennett Puzzling thoughts (Episode/Ger)

12" Jeff Bennett Reflections EP (Jamayka/US)

12" Jeff Bennett Direction changes (Morris Audio/Swiss)

12’ Jeff Bennett Swapping (Poker Flat/Ger)

12" Jeff Bennett – Dub this! (Poker Flat /Ger)

Selected compilation appearance: 50+ totally

Jeff Bennett – Swapping – Global Underground – Lee Burrige 24/7 – (Global Underground/UK) 2CD

Jeff Bennett – Evolving – Poker flat 2 compilation (Pokerflat/Ger)

Jeff Bennett – Detonation – Muzik magazine March 2002 issue Cover CD (IPC Media/UK)

Jeff Bennett – Anothering – Terry’s café vol 5 (UCMG/Ger)

Jeff Bennett – The final 2- Rhythm1 – Mixed by DJ Aldrin – (Zouk/Sin)

Jeff Bennett – Undivided cycle – Ministry Mag. Feb. Australia cover CD – (Ministry/Aus) CD

Jeff Bennett ’ Motion – Five years of poker flat recordings (Pokerflat /Ger) CD

Jeff Bennett – Swapping – Renaissance presents Therapy Sessions (Renaissance/UK) 2CD


Jeff Bennett