Jeff Alford Beatport


When asked where his love of synthetic sounds and electonica music comes from, Jeff Alford never hesitates when giving his answer. He always quotes the electronica soundscape pioneer JMJ as his source of inspiration. Stumbling across JMJ?s sounds at the age of 10, Jeff never looked back. Jeff flirted with the sounds of Hip Hop at 16 and by 18 he was producing Progressive Trance; albeit with an underlay of breaks in his rhythm sections.

At the age of 18, Jeff went to Florida in order to gain more experience as a Sound Engineer. He did his apprenticeship at Orlando-based Full Sail Real World Studios. It was an opportunity to work with the most advanced technology and it took his music production to an entirely new level.

Two years on from gaining his Recording Arts degree and he released the album "Down to Earth? (2002)?30 tracks on 2 CDs which blended the sounds of Hard Trance and Hard House. The tracks harkened back to earlier days when trance music told a story; taking dancers and ravers on a journey. The album was also the vehicle which gained Jeff substantial attention.

In 2003, Jeff and his tracks were covered by the likes of The Daily Star, MTV, Virgin Radio?and the list goes on. In the same year, he produced the track “Reaching the Top”, a trance track selected for inclusion on the ‘Hot Clubbing Vol.5’ dance compilation CD (1,300,000 units released in April 2003). ?Hot Clubbing? was released in conjunction with The Daily Star & The Express newspapers. His mix was also selected to be the background music in the television advertising campaign for the CD compilation. The television advertising campaign included broadcasters such as MTV, Paramount, C4, C5 and Sky One. Radio DJ support for the track included BBC Radio One Dj, Dave Pearce.

Jeff?s tracks continue to be popular with broadcasters.

His tracks are also popular features on dance compilation CDs. One recent compilation success has been his track “Feeling the energy”, out on the ‘Psychic Vol.1’ compilation by Nonego Records (US & UK).

2006 sees the release of his album, “Heart of Trance” with Aardvark Records. As Jeff says, “The various harmonies within the Heart of Trance’s sound come from the rainbow deep inside the highest state of mind that we might all hear in the near future leading our souls around the world.”

Feel the energy flow…take a listen and never let go…