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Jef K

Paris, France

House, Tech House

Dame Music
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A native of Paris, Jef K started mixing records in 1992 after spending nine months in London. His deep, groovy and sexy house sets made him quickly earn a reputation as one of the fastest rising DJs amongst the French house scene.

Jef has a Saturday residency at the legendary Rex Club since 1998 and is a resident for the “Respect” nights all over the world. He had a monthly residency at Fuse in Brussels for four years and plays regularly at Robert Johnson in Frankfurt.

He has played festivals such as Les Plages Sonores in Montpellier, Soma, Lunacy, Xanadu and Magic Garden in Paris. A huge traveler, bringing his skills to the top clubs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Shangai, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Bahrein, Capetown, Johannesburg, Durban, Moscow, Llubjana, Sofia, Prague, Budapest, Sarajevo, Krakow, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, London, Nottingham, Brighton, Birmingham, Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, La Coruna, Lisbon, Porto, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Antwerp, Brussels, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and many other cities around the world.

In 1996, Jef worked A & R for the French label Distance. Since then, he has been responsible for six compilations on the label- five volumes of the “My House” series, and the third volume of the “French Sessions” series. These compilations had a great response nationally and internationally, and were rated “Compilation Of The Year” by magazines such as Coda and Trax.

In 1997, Krypton/ Sony France released Jef’s “Paris-Chicago Express” CD- a Cajual and Relief compilation. In the same year, he and Cyril K (E-Troneek Funk) produced a track called “First Step” which appeared on the “Aline Can Dance” compilation project released by Small/Sony.

In June 2000, “Watch Out! 2000” was released- another mix-CD reflecting Jef’s residency at the Watch Out! Party at the Rex Club.

In 1999, Jef teamed up with his brother Antoine, aka DJ Tony Silver, to launch the Silver Network and Fast Forward FFWD record labels. Silver Network’s first release by Iz & Diz- the What We Need EP, appeared in the Hype Chart of DJ Magazine and was given four stars by MUZIK. It was later remixed by Pepe Bradock and Freaks. The first Fast Forward release by E-Troneek Funk was rated a five out of five twice in MUZIK and appeared in UPDATE reviews.

Silver Network’s other releases include artists Kemetic Just (USA), Nightsource aka DJ Rasoul and Miguel Migs (USA), Hanna (USA), Toka Project (UK), Ciudad Feliz (Argentina), Hanna (USA), Patrik Richard (Sweden), Neon Heights (UK), Karu (USA), Spirit Catcher (B) and remixers Pepe Bradock (F), Charles Webster (UK), Alex Kid (F), Dixon (D), Freaks (UK), Fresh & Low (UK) to name a few.

Fast Forward’s releases include work by Tim Shumaker and JT Donaldson (USA), Natural Rhythm (USA) and Swirl People (B).

Jef started a new label with partner Holmar Filipsson, Crack & Speed. The first release was out in the spring of 2002. The c&s artists so far are: Freestyle Man feat. G. Spruce (D), Volga Select (F), Krikor (F), John Howard (USA), Scott Pace (USA), Dj Spettro (USA), Mr Negative (USA), Freaks (UK), Spencer Filipsson Experience (USA), Jerome Pacman (F), Phil Weeks (F), DJ Terry (F), Chris Carrier (F), Guillaume La Tortue (F), Formule Express (F).

Jef K. is currently on tour for Silver Network and C&S and rocking dancefloors around the world…