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DJ Jeannie Hopper is the “DJ who is devoted to exposing soul infused grooves of all persuasions” – Muzik Magazine/UK. Her world is the musical land of Liquid Sound Lounge that encompasses a radio show, on WBAI 99.5fm Sat.6-9p in New York City established in 1993 and streaming live online to an ever growing global following, a record label and marketing company. She DJ’s on the regular organizing boat cruises every summer to try to beat the repressive “no dancing allowed” Gulliani climate to spinning in venues around New York City & globally, uniting all through the power of thegroove.

A true innovator in her field leaving people at a loss for words when trying to describe her sound. She’s always included varying genre’s in her mix providing a soulful booty shakin’ journey. She’s proven she’s capable of workin’ a crowd for 13 1/2 hours as experienced at the Danny Tenaglia/ Y&T Winter Music Conference party at Space in Miami this year.

Her grandparents were big dance enthusiasts throwing events and teaching, while her parents met dancing and even competed winning trophies. Her parents also got into dancing on skates, and little did they know when they took her to skate at age seven to a dj at the roller skating rink in Milwaukee where she grew up she’d be hooked on underground grooves she’d never heard on the radio before. Fourteen years ago she made her way to NYC to finish a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Film and started volunteering at WBAI where she went off to El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama and Palestine throwing herself directly into the dangerous task of documenting the popular movements. She found herself seeking soulstice from this emotionally draining work in long marathon nights dancing in NYC to who she later discovered were such dj’s as Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan at the World, David Mancuso at Choice, Romain at Save the Robots and later to Junior Vasquez at Sound Factory (a very different sound for music than), Little Louie Vega at Underground Network and House Nation, Timmy Regisford at Shelter and on the radio the late John Robinson of WBLS and Tony Humphries on Hot 97 and a huge love for live funky bands on the underground like Groove Collective.

The radio show was her idea of bringing all these great musical influences together into one big schmorgesborg to attract new radio listeners to WBAI that would hopefully be turned onto the very alternative political view points found on the many shows. Everyone who listened to the early years of the show experienced listening to a DJ coming of age and learning how to mix…but it was her ear for music that had them hooked and the skill followed quickly after. She’s always had an activist approach even when dj’ing pushing new music that’s never been heard before and deserves its forum. She took her first industry job at eightball records where she developed much respect from the hard working dj’s, promoters and scenesters.

And shortly after started her own marketing company to push the music she felt fell through the cracks. The record label was a natural progression as well focusing on the soulful ‘creative expression’ of producers needing a break or wanting to not be placed in a box by commercial demands of the market.