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London, United Kingdom

Tech House, Techno

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DJ, producer and label owner

Introducing Jay Deep, one of the fastest rising DJs & producers in the UK and on the European circuit. Jay’s career in music began at the age of sixteen in Sri Lanka when he discovered the art of mixing. It soon became a passion that motivated him to become a professional DJ.

But Jay Deep is much more than a DJ. Latex records, his label, promotions company and production partnership with Franzo K, is a mothership of creative ingenuity and integrity that other labels orbit around. Meanwhile Bedroom-House Records, established in February 2013, is his second label.

Some DJ careers are built on hype but Jay Deep’s is built on substance. Jay Deep moved to the United Kingdom in 2010 and currently resides in London where the international dance scene has given him a warm welcome. In an environment, which can include inflated egos and gimmicks, Jay’s approach remains all drive, no drama – a heads-down crack-on attitude that has won him the respect of his fans and peers.

Now we find Jay Deep in London, at the forefront of the vibrant house music scene as both a popular DJ and a highly respected producer and remixer. His career is going from strength to strength with a DJ residency at the world renowned The Gallery @ Ministry of Sound (for the year of 2012) as well as new track signings from top labels such as Latex Records, Plastik Philosophy, Dirtybydesign, Pedroche recording and Alan Gray Music.

Driven by ambition, enthusiasm and a pure passion for music, his characteristic set makes the crowd go wild. Jay Deep’s talent behind the decks, his production repertoire and ability to read a crowd have seen him take his style of house sound to some of the biggest events and clubs around the world. Jay Deep is a regular on cutting edge lineups alongside the biggest DJs at leading clubs in London.

Jay remains driven by his future plans. His experiences and memories are indelible and stimulate his drive to climb the ladder on an international scale. Jay is devoted to inspire people with his characteristic style. Ambitious, fanatical and with lots of potential, Jay is ready to rock worldwide so keep a close eye on him!

Nowadays, Jay Deep still continues to surprise the crowd with his mind-blowing style and his story is yet to continue…

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