Top 25k on The DJ List

Jay Scott

London, United Kingdom

Hard Dance


Jay Scott aka Jason Stooks has been DJing for about 15 years now. Grew up in upstate New York before settling in the golden oasis of Orange County, CA. In Seattle is where he learned how to place music in a remarkable fashion by displaying his skills at local night clubs that craved his newly mixes of 90’s hits. Learning in the same city that raised Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and many other rock bands, Jay Scott picked up all this influence and used it to his advantage of DJing different styles of music. Something that people never heard of in this error. Leaving Seattle with this talent he packed up and went south, bringing his newly found skills and unique inspiration with him. Delivering his talents all over Southern California. With residencies in LA’s and OC’s biggest night life spots he learned even more skills. Spinning along side with greats like Donald Glaude, Dave Aude, Kristina Sky, Rabbit in the Moon, and Deepsky to name a few. Showcasing at clubs like Heat Lounge, Proof Bar, Detroit Bar, Focus, Shark Club, and a whole lot more. Jay Scott was even the forefront of the late 90’s house music movement that shined on so many young artistic musicians.

In conclusion Jay Scott has brighten the audience with his DJing presents. A name that you won’t forget after listening to his sets, it almost leaves you begging to start the event over again has he leaves you craving more. Jay Scott takes his hobby very seriously and continues to break ground in the EDM scene as he showcases to weddings, school events, masses, corporate events, fashion shows, banquets, and he even is profound in audio and lighting as well. A one man event specialist is what we like to refer as DJ Jay Scott. Breaking ground in every way possible.